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Sanguine Dream

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Great work can’t wait for next chapter

Hopefully the next chapter involved making inter species creampies! Yummy!

Holy shit, I was thinking this would mostly be romance and slice of Life, God save me soul, I weirdly like this

Im loving this. Can hardly wait for more.

Scootaloo, the storm goddess, go on grand adventures with her loyal Pegacat sidekick!

“Deus Vult.” Vult said with a small giggle.

you went there...well ok then

I liked this chapter, but may I ask WHY you made Scootaloo into a fucking storm goddess?!

i can't wait to see how off the rails this story can go as you already got into species swapping.

Wow! That sure get one going! Very good!

Damn fine Chapter. I can only praise this. Its juicy as well a nicely planned. I could see this story build up into the main storyline. (\(♡-♡)/)
Fantastic work.

Hm... :twilightsmile: Very warming chapter at the end :heart: The readers heart and Pinkies womb. :yay:

From the beginning of this chapter.

“...You’re quirky, but it only adds to your charm,”

Then from throughout the first chapter.

It didn’t help that she was called weird and random more than once by ponies she considered her closest friends. Not that they knew that words like that hurt.

“Surely such an attractive mare as yourself has her pick of colts to bed,”

“I have never been called anything like what you’ve been calling me today. I am not attractive by pony standards, especially earth pony standards.

Pinkie Pie never really put much stock in Soul Mates. But, in the course of one night, she became a firm believer.

Soul Mates indeed.

I like to think that the force of Zevvahn's chanting once he really got into it acted not just as a conduit for his magic to activate the potion, but as a carrier of his desire for the potion. Karmic justice delivered upon the stupid magic anomaly that had deprived Scootaloo of her most basic right as a pegasus. So instead of just fixing her, she's gotten a shonen protagonist plot armor-style power boost.

Don't you mean "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder and Cat Ho"?

I really wish for you to continue this please, loved it

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