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"The Mare In The High Castle"
Written by "Filly K Dick"

XD I somehow knew that would be said.

It's a contest hosted by the Equestria at War community, hence the acronym, EAW

well uh. The details are on the discord, but you write a story and submit it. The general theme is resistance and rebellion within the Equestria at War universe, and the maximum word limit is 10k word, minimum is 2k.

Oh cool. I will see about it but probably do little about it since I'm busy

This is a very good story, naturally i have to dislike griffonias defeat in the other universe though.

But they won in this one. That's all that matters in the end, right?

You caught my interest with the title and boy I wasn't disappointed, great story here.

Thank you! I admit I've been a bit spooked by the reception so far, but I've got hope!

For now. If it gets enough support I will likely end up making it a full story!

yes indeed, but didnt i die in this universe?

Oh hey you added your own submission, nice


Hey, you can still submit your own version!

Bread must be acquired.

Hey man. If we can see a thousand different iterations of Fallout:Equestria and like... a good half of them are still great and original, I'm sure you could whip up something along the same lines just as easily!

Now... what is of the River Federation's fate?

If I continue the story, that will be revealed!

Glory to Hellquill!

Oh no.

Now i wonder what those Grenecylfs are doing

nobody cares about Greneclyf. Nobody.

Please continue this! I'd love to see it it has amazing potential up there with Front to Front if you've read that. I think this has the makings of a great story.

ah i see, well i enjoyed man in the high castle and now i also enjoy this, am i becoming a brony?

Oh well.

Now, with my very "meh" knowledge of Man in the High Castle, I will now figure out the ending of this series!

That is the second time I've had Front to Front mentioned to me! Is it that good of a story? If so, I'll have to read it here some time.

You got this! :scootangel:

Eh, you enjoy what you enjoy chief. If you like the small griffon child and you like the ponies, roll with it imo.

Divine my ending like one of your French girls!

Yeah Front to Front is that good. But that's one of the few fics I've read of EAW that actuslly was long and well written. I see the same potential here especially with a Changeling victory and the possible inclusion of Griffons in the Resistance.

You ask this while you're reading a pony story on an almost exclusively pony fansite? :derpytongue2:

(Guesses are based on Man in the High Castle Ending, so spoiler alert)
Derpy somehow being alive / Alternate EQS invading this one through portals

Perhaps. We'll just have to see.

good guesses, but sadly... Nein!

Oooh! Original endings! I'll be watching the story then.

I'll be sure not to disappoint you then if I decide to continue!

well i do like small birbs

Smolbirb best birb

Please continue this story it's that good! Will you be making a sequel or was this just a one off thing?

Not quite sure yet. I had some measure of drive to continue it just after I had made the submission, but some recent events have left me... Burnt the fuck out of this story/world in particular. Not losing the contest, mind you, but shit that happened in the period between submission and the contest being judged finally. Suffice to say, certain parts of the world I made make me want to avoid touching it unless I have a 50 foot pole.

as someone who's watched man in the high castle, this is phoenominally well done...please continue

Today I thought: "Wouldn't it be nice if there was MITHC/MLP crossover?" And here I came across your fanfic. It's pretty good read, I say. I'm now following you in case you ever decide to continue this story. ;)

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