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An unpleasant Hearth's Warming Eve takes a turn for the newly returned Princess Luna when an unexpected fan reminds her that there's much more to her than Nightmare Moon.

Entry for Jinglemas 2019 (part of the Jinglemas Group)
Written for Alex_!

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Comments ( 26 )

That's nice! I'm happy for Princess Luna to find a friend in Daring Do. Oh now I'm interested in more...

Just FYI, when the description said "returned" Princess Luna, I thought it was going to be tied in to TEL TEKedit :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: Oh my goodness, is everything okay? There's not a hint of RariTwi anywhere...

This was great :pinkiehappy: I must say I much preferred it to last year's Jinglemas entry, too. Would be lovely to see more of Luna and Daring Do together :twilightsmile:

hey! you came back (somewhat) you okay?

A nice tale of happy Luna. Thank you for this story.

Oh my, this was a lot of fun. Daring has such potential, I’d never seen her in the same story as Luna though somehow.

The ruins of the Nomai

“And they disappeared over a thousand years ago? Maybe… Maybe they left to find you!”



I'm not really back, unfortunately. I only just posted this story because the jinglemas event was changed last minute and we all have to post our stories. I'm still trying to take a break and am recovering emotionally (especially after the EL thing that happened this week, if you saw the blogpost), but hopefully I'll be back properly sometime in January.

Thank you so much for asking and for caring! ❤

I'll click on any story that has Daring Do, and with Princess Luna thrown in there too? I have to see where this goes!


Hey, take all the time you need. Us (readers) will understand, have a nice Christmas!

Short and sweet, I love it!

Thank you so much for this. I wasn't sure if Luna and Daring Do would be too bizarre a combination, but you managed to pull it off brilliantly. Merry Christmas! :yay:

I don't know precisely who I was expecting to be the mystery "fan" but it wasn't Daring. It makes perfect sense, though. I guess I should consider reading the tags on a story sometime before I read it. :pinkiehappy:

That was great.

archaeology professor at the local university

Maybe you should meet up with a top hat-wearing archaeology professor from London; I'm sure the two of you would have a wonderful time discussing matters of various topics.

And all of a sudden I want to see more of Daring Do and Luna.
Great job with this story! You managed to make this seemingly unusual pair look like it's only natural they bonded.

This was quite the interesting duo! What with Daring Do being interested in Princess Luna's past! Never would have thought that would ever be a combo! However, it's a very welcome and creative one at that! Elegantly written, plot is awesome, and it's a pure joy fountain! Awesome work! I hope ya didn't mind that I made a little audio adaptation thingy on it!

Audio Link: https://youtu.be/0WfTVBIRO_8

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Why did you have to end it there? It was building so nicely. Great job with this. I loved it.


There's so many places to go and stories to tell. With the goals of Daring and Lunas knowledge, all of the ruins (both found and unknown) in equestria are open to discovery.

Brilliant and woefully underutilized character interaction. Luna's the ultimate primary source for any archeologist... but she'd also object a lot more strongly to ransacking her old home than, say, Rockhoof. A fantastic read; I hope you expand on it at some point. Merry Jinglemas.

Welp, nothing for it but to write about Daring and Luna. "The Grand Adventures of Daring Doo and Luna too!"

Lovely story. I can imagine Luna getting that quite often until sometime after the Luna Eclipsed episode. Glad that door held up tho, I'd be rather miffed at ponies runnin all over stealin my crap. I worked hard for that junk layin around. On the other hand it would be amusing to read stories of all the random stuff Celestia and Luna had that are in museums, private collections, etc that are so prized are just stuff they never got to throwing away in that era. Gotta watch out for those spittoons and bed pans. Got a hell of a story about the former from a coworker of mine. Hilarious stuff there.

Well that's done it, now you have to write about Princess Luna, A K Yearling, their adventures and romance.

A brilliant idea. The base is very... basic but the implementation leaves enough to imagination to thoroughly enjoy it.
Luna/Celestia is a perfect subject for history study (kinda like Leto 2 is in Dune), and the whole story is very light-hearted and true to the spirit of the show.
Love the references (but can't enjoy some because I'm not into Outer Wilds). Not crucial to understanding the plot tho.

Can be spun into a potential series of one-shot follow-ups. A worthy offering indeed.

It's not breaking and entering if the owner hasn't been around for a while.

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