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Music transcends language, but how can you communicate when you're out of sync? For Octavia and Lyra, the first annual Ponyville Philharmonic Concert is the chance to learn not just about themselves, but each other.

Written for Syke Jr as part of the Jinglemas 2019 collaboration event. Check it out, and swing by FIMFicCollabs for more!

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"A pat of her soul was deeply connected to it, and she a small twitch deep in her psyche told her that something was still missing"
Seems like two typos here ("she" in the second place can be removed).

Octavia here sometimes sounds like Rarity (and sometimes like Twilight because schedules-schedules-planning-organizing), but other than that - good reading. Really touching and heartwarming (especially the "playing together" part in the end).

This was a really nice story, for a pairing we stopped seeing much of after fans settled on LyraBon and OctaviaScratch. The playing session at the end was the highlight.

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