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Hearth's Warming Eve has come to Sweet Apple Acres again. The favourite time of the Apple Family, because of its festive cheer, plenty of good food, gifts and, of course, their beloved holiday traditions.
Pinkie Pie loves Hearth's Warming Eve, too. And this year, she is determined to make it extra special and memorable.
For the first time ever since Applejack and Pinkie found out that they are cousins, the Pie Family is visiting Sweet Apple Acres on Hearth's Warming Eve! It is a momentous occasion in the history of their lineages and momentous occasions require precise planning and a flawless execution.
That's what Pinkie Pie thinks, anyway. As far as she is concerned, the first shared Hearth's Warming Eve of the Apple Family and the Pie Family on Sweet Apple Acres has to go down perfectly.
And no amount of holiday madness, family drama or unexpected guests will stop her from making this the best hearth's warming holiday both families ever had!

A wacky holiday story inspired by "Best Gift Ever" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".

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I loved it! Thought the length caught me off guard, impressive. My longest chapters was between 10.000 to 15.000 at the least.

Nice camo of Mille, good thing she can't bother Dinky anymore.

And good work in showing the stress when it's Christmas, it never stops.

Also, nice idea with the cockroaches. Though, this and Ruby's behavior reminds me of a CSI: NY episode of similar content.


Thank you! Yeah, the length of the story seems to catch many readers off-guard, judging by the views so far. It's not really a surprise, when a Hearth's Warming Eve story drops two days before the holiday and then has 23,000 words.
Then there's also the competition, as everyone is writing Hearth's Warming Eve fics around this time year, and the number of the fics grows exponentially the more the holidays draw near. I have followed the strategy of releasing a holiday fic close to the holiday it's for a few times now and it was never good for the views, so I will release the next holiday story at least a few weeks in advance.

Couldn't have broken it down into at least one more chapter, huh?


Quite frankly, no. It is supposed to be a ponification of a movie and one would not watch this movie split into parts either, so this story goes for the same feeling of consuming it in one go.
Maybe "Letters to Cozy Glow" is more your thing:


That was a really good story.


Thank you! I am glad this story is getting more recognition as the years go by.

This is the Featured Tale in December for Pinkie Pie Stories


Thanks a lot! I wish I would've checked out your comment earlier, now I missed the big front page moment. :raritydespair:

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