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Fluttershy prepares to move to Ponyville with Hearth's Warming only a few days away.

Written for Malthus Freud for Jinglemas 2019.

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That was a nice story. Zephyr feeling lonely as Fluttershy prepares to move away makes a lot of sense, and it's good seeing her in big sister mode.

Funny how Christmas reminds you how much you rely on your family... even if you don't like them, per se. Zephyr is very in character here, though I imagine Fluttershy would be a bit more of a pushover since this is all happening pre-assertiveness episodes. She's very decisive here. But I guess the message also works better this way, since Fluttershy being a pushover could hijack the tight focus of the story.

The bit about the bunny mafia made me smile.

Excellent portrayal of Zephyr! He really is the worst haha.

Reading this (yes, I just got to it lmao) while knowing the context is really funny for whatever reason. I don't mind that Fluttershy's so assertive in this situation, because the other funny thing about family (and especially siblings) is that they can show you a totally different face than they show others. A good and honest depiction of life as it is.

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