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New to the fandom and franchise. Also love the Dragon Ball series.


Michael Bunker is a 7-year-old kid who had witnessed something that would scare any child for life. Traumatized by the event, he couldn't take it, he ran from home into a forest he had never seen before near the park. He finds himself in a colorful field with no knowledge of where he is. The only thing he had brought with him is a toy he holds with pride, a Princess Luna plushie.

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An interesting start, actually somewhat similar to a story I wrote. (With the forest anyway) I hope you're doing better and keep up the good work.

Thank you, I've been able to move on from the event. I hope you have a good time writing your stories.

🍿 waiting for more.

Have a like. It's never easy, but writing can help with it.

I know your feeling, I made something familar in some of my stories

I hope you did too and nice work!"

Can I help you?" The small dragon asked, probably wondering why there was a group of ponies outside of the library door.[

What's the [ doing here?

(Author note: This is also true as I had 36 of them, so I had to get tubes in my ears to improve my hearing. Sorry about that, back to the story :) .)

36 what? accidents?

I know for sure that dolls can be made, but are there ponies who would be willing to make plushes for a living?

I had 36 ear infections when I was 7 and the bracket was there on accident.

I fell a hug comming :D

I hope you continue this story. I know a lot of human adoption stories that never get completed and I hope this isn't one of them... (If it is human adoption, which so far looks like that.) Keep up the good work

NIce work! Nightmare Moon got me cirious, that sort of behavior suits Luna more than her

yea, I plan on rewriting it, writing nightmare moon for me is a bit tricky

It's fine, better late than never!

And I hope you are safe!

You do know that Rainbow Dash didn't start reading Daring Do until the middle of Season 2, and since this story takes part around the pilot episode of the show, Rainbow would've not cared about books until then.:facehoof:

I’m still sorta new to the franchise at the moment, plus with school happening as well.

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