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Someday, I'll stop writing silly comedy stories. However, today isn't "someday".



Desperate for dates on Hearts and Hooves Day, Twilight Sparkle created a spell that would make others ask her to be their date. She's too shy to make a move herself.

But a mistake made the spell go wrong. The one who would get the action Twilight longed for was one that did not want love in this way. Even if she once thought that she would never get enough love!

Entry for the "No Author left unnoticed" Holiday Competition, with Heart and Hooves day being chosen as the holiday to make the story about, obviously.

Last, but not last, special thanks to flutterJackdash for editing this story. The edits came a day after the story was submitted, so the errors I missed when editing it are fixed now.

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Twilight... ya done goofed.

And it's called herding when it's ponies, not harems. :pinkiecrazy:


Oh yeah. I had "harem" on the brain when I wrote that author's note so it slipped my mind :twilightsheepish:

This is the first story in which I felt sorry for Chrysalis.


Don't blame you. This was a bad day for poor Chrysalis.


Celestia emote?


Dang, where do even start with this one? Poor Lovebug :rainbowlaugh:

The whole thing was funny. Especially Starlight's regret and Fluttershy's...lust(?).


And to make it even worse for me: I've helped out with stories with herds, even wrote a couple of chapters with one, and it still slipped my mind.:twilightblush:


Glad you enjoy this story too! And poor Lovebug and Starlight.

You crammed soo many memes in there I lost count, XD
And yeah, I do wonder how they will explain this one as pits either Twilight or Chrysalis in odds with Big Mac... And you don't smacc the macc... XD

Cool story bud :) was more than enjoyable, definitely two thumbs way up! Although I would have loved to see what happened to Chrissy XD I feel sorry for her...
Also I do get with the premise since I kinda consider Twilight to be unshippable but I also thought the same of Pinkie until "The Last Laugh" aired so I can be wrong...

Amazing Story, This Is The Best Fan Fiction I've Read Yet!


Give it a day: you'll find something better.

But seriously, I'm happy that you enjoy it so much!:pinkiehappy:

POW! Revenge city, population: me!”

Brilliant line right there.


Thanks! I laughed even when I was typing that in.

The spell Twilight was nearly finished with would draw to her everypony she thought was cute, make them ask her out, and even kiss her. She couldn't wait anymore and yearned for action now. Sure, her desperate plan flew in the face of the friendship lessons she taught her former student, Starlight Glimmer, about not utilizing magical solutions to solve your problems. Princess Cadance, Twilight’s sister-in-law and the Princess of Love, might kick her flank for casting love spells without her permission. But even if love was impairing her judgment, Twilight Sparkle was a responsible pony, so she wouldn’t mess up this spell. She never makes mistakes with them.

Of course she doesn't make mistakes with spells.



The narrator at least remembered the truth in the next paragraph.

At least Chryssie should be full for a year or two, though all that love might go to her hips.

Hey! You out there jumping up and down and yelling for Twilight to take you! Stop “volunteering” and calm down! She doesn’t have Pinkie Pie’s ability to see past the fourth wall, so she can’t see or hear you begging.


Chrysalis will likely need therapy. Or memory erasure juice (tequila).

Starlight explained, "Oh, that's what the human world that Sunset Shimmer lives in calls somepony that's new to something, so they’re not...great at it yet."

Spitfire actually calls Rainbow a "newbie" at the Wonderbolt Academy in the show, and "noob" is a slang spelling of "newb" with the added implication of being bad at something because of stupidity, while newb and newbie just mean being bad at something due to inexperience or lack of familiarity. Cute story though!



I was trying to think if any of the characters ever used "noob" and I couldn't think of a time they did. From an Equestrian's point of view that never went into the human world, hearing "noob" could confuse them, if they never heard it before to know it's slang for newbie/newb, so that was the angle I went with.

Kinda like if a brand new slang word for "best friend/bestie" that sounds similar to "bestie" was unexpectedly said: it would probably confuse you unless it's explained to you what the word means.

Or any slang word really that you're not familiar with.

this made me think of a fan-video where Starlight Glimmer messed up a spell...

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