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Twenty-five years in prison is a long time for anyone. Maybe less for an Alicorn-Blood, but a lot of things can happen in a quarter of a century. Like finding out an adopted nephew. Will Luna be able to come to terms with her inner demons? Perhaps with the aid of her new nephew she might.

All characters are humanized and of legal age!

*Rated Teen due to themes, a few scenes, and some language*

Story commissioned by Anonymous!

CoverArt by franschesco, one of my personal favorite artists, you can find him on Derpibooru.

*If you are feeling generous you can buy me a Ko-Fi! or support me through Patreon*

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )

Very cute and touching. Great job!

Always nice for those feels to see family stories like this close to Christmas.

little rough around the edges but really not bad at all congratulations

Well, that was some heavily implied pseudo-incest. Not that I mind >_>

Anyyyyyyyyyways, this was interesting and a nice read. If I had one real question cause it was kind of what baffled me the most, how old is Spike mentally? He feels super young at some areas, 8-10, and than in other areas he feels like 15-16. I know hes physically 20, but since it's stated that they age mentally slower because of their long lives...

Both, actually. Around and with Celestia he is more child-like, but without her or in the company of those he feels comfortable with, he is more mentally mature.

Could you excuse your Mom and I for a moment?

and me
'cause: "Could you excuse us" not "Could you excuse we"

I don't mean to critique your work or nothing, but 7' 8" in a JEEP!!:twilightoops: Holy crap, her knees have got to be in her throat!

It's a nice story, but the entire thing feels kinda muddled and confused. Like it is in the middle of some kind of continuity that has no context for the past. Plus, there is the whole aging and what the hell the main characters do questions.

why you tease us with the "incest" and no show? :applecry: Now me want a fallow up, showing Luna finding them in the act. :pinkiecrazy:
all in all, it was a nice story, going to have to start looking at all your other story's after work, have a thumbs up from me good fellow. Only down side to me was the "teasing" part, it's probably just me but I am not a fan of teasing if there is no plan to how it expanded on.
keep up the good work :twilightsheepish:

Custom-made jeep. Thanks, I kinda forgot to put that at the start.

It is implied at the end that the groans aren't formed from any sort of intercourse, but rather Spike being in pain.

Its cool my dude, the thought of her driving a jeep at her 7'8" height just made me laugh is all. Its a great story by the way.

I can picture that. The seat slid back with the top open and her head poking above the windshield, hair going nuts in the wind.

Yeah. Supertall Celestia is best MOM!

The world you've constructed (with people born with certain traits) sounds interesting. I'd like to see a sequel.

I'm confused. Spike is apparently 20 years. But how old is he socially and mentally?

He is a Dragon-Blood, so they age rather slowly, though it depends somewhat on how they are raised. In Spike's case, his actual age, date and law wise, is 20 years old. But Celestia is a very doting mother-hen, essentially. So, despite being 20, his body appearance is almost child-like, somewhere between 13 and 15. Socially he is more mature (when Celestia isn't around) so close to 20 but polite and carefree thanks to Celestia's teachings and example. Mentally is dependant on who is close to him. Celestia? Child-like. Stranger? Cold and distant. Someone he is familiar with? Carefree and relax.

Comment posted by redandready45 deleted Dec 30th, 2019

That chunk in the middle felt really weird. You explained a lot but we didn't have any moments where Luna had anything told to her. We just had all this exposition but none of it was shown in story. It was a bit rough.

Well I normally never read human stories but I'll make an exception for this story. Holy shit is this in character. And really heart breaking. So much darker then I was expecting but I loved how you ended it. It's always great to read Spike being with his Aunt Luna. Amazing job my old friend.

:moustache: So glad you liked it, mein friend!

Never a problem bro. Great job. Excited for more of your work.

Why were his bones aching?

Growth spurts.

That's what I thought.

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