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Show canon only matters if you let it.


There are certain things you gain when you become an alicorn. A horn or wings depending on the pony's original species. Or both if they were born an earth pony.

But there is another thing as well. Each princess gains a personal guard that will never leave their side no matter what.

Brave, ruthless when needed, and utterly loyal to their princess above all others, the three that are known are known as centaurids.

Now Twilight's turn has come. But why did three come to her when the other princesses only have one?

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Interesting concept, though if I may ask can you make the three who serve Twilight have easier names to remember? This isn't a critic on your writing but a request for my reading since I don't believe I can remember three diverse and hard to pronounce names for three new characters that need three new looks and three new voices in my head.

Also, love the story so far. Even though you've only posted one chapter, I can tell that interesting things are on the horizon for this story.

No promises on Twilight's. I blame the names being Greek for being so hard to pronounce. And remember, the three we just met here are not Twilight's.

We will meet hers next chapter.

Will Tirek appear in this story?

In season 4's finale he will. This is still season 3's finale at the moment.

Um, why? I don't get it.

A question those who answered the call are 100% human?:rainbowhuh:

No humans here. Not until we get to Equestria Girls anyway. But I didn't want to take the chance with some of the characters being centaurs.

I'm just picturing these three centaurs being the same type of characters.

Never having seen Stardust Crusaders, you'll have to explain it to me. These three will be the good guys, and save Equestria a lot of trouble in the future.

So they're not evil by every definition. If that's what you mean.

Stardu- OH NO NO NO NO!!! I meant the queer custodes from the TTS series.

Okay, having read the second chapter, I understand that my expectations were not reality. Still looking forward to where this goes.

this comment of yours may be a bit of a serious reveal. for any who can think critically or foreshadow by reading between the lines

I still have no idea how you got what you did in the first place. Though the music does fit.

Well, I don't believe that Lauren Faust is the supreme god of friendship is magic in the show's universe.
In my headcanon, it works differently.

lol... centaurides are such teases with knowledge

You know what would be funny...Sunset escaping during Tirek's rampage and stealing his magic right after he takes twilight's alicorn magic.

Thus Sunset takes her devil form outside of the Eq girls format, cue the joke about Tirek being her Centaur guard, and they some how reform each other midway through the fight.

Who do they end up fighting?

You remember that seen with all the ghoulish creatures and demons. Remember the big guy leading them? That's not Satan, that's Chernabog, ie the guy the ancient celts prayed to so he might not kill them whilst they slept. Yes you heard that correctly folks. He was also in the original Phantasia and right now he is fucking unamused by how many people are not dead as a result. He seeks to rectify that. Needless to say that wasn't the plan at all. Hence the disagreement.

... What the hay are you high on? That made so little sense that Discord is jealous. Yes I know who Chernobog is. Night on Bald Mountain is my 2nd favorite sequence from Fantasia.

Season 4's finale is getting derailed, but not quite like it would be here.

omfg... twilight, stop being so naive and innocent!!

If you mean her reaction to Mellinnia's bow, then yeah. Wait until Fluttershy hears about it. She'll have a heart attack. Dragon or not.

Not gonna lie this entire thing has me very interested so what ever path you take with the next chapters I wouldn't mind Ill enjoy it either way

oh fluttershy, poor dear. also, her reaction to the bow is more of a 'sheltered and coddled' reaction, celestia has done well to keep the peace for so long, but at the same time, that means the ponies of the current day are so naive of nature and reality. their reasons for the everfree being unnatural for example. (plant grow on their own ooooo, animals care for themselves! oh my... weather operates on its own too? goodness gracious!) it IS unnatural, but not for the reasons they GIVE

nah- i was referring to her confusion about what the guard' would do with her' when being more than just guard and princess.

Sunset is not going anywhere ever again. .....Damn.

This was totally worth the wait great chap :twilightsmile:

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