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Sweetie Belle, having been chased deep into the Everfree forest. She finds herself in the company of a creature long lost to pony knowledge.

Deep in the Everfree forest, a young fox finds a young female unicorn in need of help.

Two different worlds collide as two creatures who are very different from each other try find a way to co-exist during the time they have together.

Special thanks go to my awesome editor. EverfreePony

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This is pretty darn good! I can't wait for the next chapter! My only hope is that this story isn't too sad. I would prefer if the fox goes to live with ponies instead of In solitude with animals later. I wonder how he would react to fluttershy since they can both speak to animals. Keep up the good work!

as River Song would say 'Spoilers'

Oh dear.

Rarity's going to be beside herself

So far, great start.

You have a follower.

The Monk
“Puberty was a curse for those inflicted with it, and boundless amusement for others who survived the process.” -Scarheart

Hmm why is our foxy friend bringing Rarity to Zecora’s place...

you'll have to wait for chapter 3 to find out

Yes, good job with the story I like it.

Though I do have questions about where they are able to get all of the Japanese stuff

while I haven't shown it in the story yet. the house that Kohaku lives in, is on a part of the old temple grounds where his family lived and ruled pre-Equestria.

Ok, interesting. Ancient civilization.

Kohaku is a interesting name for a fox with three tails

thanks. it means Amber. which is the color of his eyes

Nice! This was a nice chapter to a nice story. It did take a while to get it here but I'm sure you have your reasons. It was worth the wait!

Pfff, someone get Rarity some aloe vera for that Sweetie burn XD

Well, I say, this is very good

ponies are simply taking over what the kitsune already did then...used to do i mean.

Wow. 20,000 years. Poor Sweetie Belle

still working on the next chapter. I got the rough draft done now i'm going back over it to smooth things out before I move onto editing.

Fluttershy, why?

This is either going to end up being a highly reckless action that only ends well because of sheer luck or a catastrophic mistake that will only push Kohaku and Sweetie further away.

Since the Kohaku’s culture is based on Japanese I wouldn’t be surprised if he follows something akin to Bushido. If Fluttershy accidentally revealed that he told them about Sweetie Belle I could see him trying to kill Fluttershy and Zecora, perhaps even going berserk and rampaging through Ponyville taking down anyone he thinks may know the secret, followed by himself committing sepuku.

you wouldn't be wrong about the Bushido. However kitsunes always follow their own believes of right and wrong, no matter if that belief differs from anypony else

Why Fluttershy? Because I have 'special' plans for her *laughs maniacally*
don't worry she'll get out of it in one piece.... probably :fluttershyouch:

That’s not the worst part in Kitsune mythology they have been described as being forces of nature so powerful as to sync islands

Great story, can't wait for the next chapter!

Good update
Kohaku has really dug himself into a hole



well being a canine, he's very good at digging holes

Sweetie just joined a cult...

We're doomed. :eeyup:

Oh don't worry, just wait till you see what she does.

yup, I've been planning this meeting for a while now

At first it felt like he was a horndog, but if he managed to keep to himself for a while month, maybe...
Also, a month is a long time to go without food or drink, unless he sleep-fed her somehow?

Interesting, but if he's Starswirl's brother, yet "a young boy" (curious how everyone assumes that, it's not like he's overly small for a fox)...

I haven't gotten it in the story or universe yet. but there is a reason he hasn't aged much in 20,000 years. and he's about average for a boy his age, his father was nearly 10ft tall

So he.... But then who... And then they....? Yes, there's quite a bit in this chapter haha.

Tread carefully Fluttershy...

First love? So then what shoved him so far into the future like that?

Well at least he didn't have to bend too far.
Wonder what Twilight will do if she discovers Rarity is fixing up what is technically a historical artifact?
Angel gets a taste of the receiving end of malicious compliance and it is glorious!

Whelp, it's a good think he kinda wanted to see Fluttershy anyways, else Harry's betrayal would have been his last. 😇
Sweetie is bound eh? What are the terms? She's not likely to have read them,..
Hrm, the festival sounds like it's going to be fairly critical and emotional. Good luck everycreature!

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