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Every pony that's ever met Prince Blueblood knows he's a spoiled rich idiot who doesn't give a damn about anything but himself. But what nopony realizes is that his behavior is an act to throw them off the trail. When the sun sets and darkness falls, Prince Blueblood reveals his true identity as the protector of the night and defender of the innocent.

He's the goddamn Batmane

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So yeah, this kinda just... happened. 27 hours from conception to completion. Once the initial idea took seed in my head it more or less wrote itself.

If any of you happen to be wondering where the rest of the Mane 6 are, Twilight was originally going to fill the Riddler part until I realized it was basically MADE for Trixie, and I envision Applejack as being the Poison Ivy of the group, but only for apple-related plants.

Finally, I promise that someday I will write another story that doesn't have Luna in it. But she's just so adorkably awesome, it's hard to fight off the temptation to put her in everything

Bruce Wayne was never as snudy as Blueblood.

You gotto be buckin' joking. I was gonna make a story just like this. Only totally different. Haven't read this yet, but, should be interesting. :moustache:

1106998 Bruce wayne isn't the only Batman.

I love this idea.

Write it anyway. If a concept is strong enough, it can't be fully exhausted in a single 5000 word one-shot. I knew I couldn't be the only one to think of this idea, and it would be worth revisiting.

Fair enough, but if he thought he had to drive an interested party away from him because he was afraid of them getting too close don't you think he could be? Also, it's spelled "snooty"

1107038 I am still writing it. It'll be multiple chapters though.

Well, not to brag but I kinda just raised the bar, so now I guess you better knock it out of the buckin' park.

Seriously though, if you want a proofreader or just someone to bounce ideas off of send me a PM. This was just a random impulse I wrote to get it out of my head and now that it's gone I'd be happy to lend you a hand

1107087 It's more of a vigilante plot of a story (co-insiding). Other than that, our stories have no similarities (I'm assuming.). I'm not measuring mine up to any standards.
BTW: Just because you wrote a really good story, doesn't mean you 'raised the bar'.
My Little Dashie didn't raise the bar.
Past Sins didn't raise the bar.
Hands didn't raise the bar.

Thanks for calling my story "really good" but you're right, it doesn't have to live up to any expectations except your own. I fully admit I was just being facetious.

The offer stands, however.

OMG LOL great story

I will say Eakin, this is an awesome story. Looks like Rarity might have discovered that Blueblood may not be all that bad as she had thought lmao. You could go so many directions with this if it was not a one shot lol.

This amuses us greatly.


Well the ending was... strange. Laughed my plot off, well done.

once again i say

The Cottage for Criminally Insane Animals, hah!

Very entertaining story, I'm glad you went ahead and wrote it.

To be honest, the story, though entertaining, suffered from having too many elements jumbled together just for a pony to make a cameo. The plot lost its coherency along the way.

By the middle of the climax, I was wondering if it was a stage play or something that the mane six and Blueblood was participating in. The ending was also a little weak (and bizzare), considering that you seemed to have established that this an alternate universe Equestria where the mane six are criminals.

Of course, I'm also just probably being nitpickery here, so let's leave it at I did enjoy the story, though not as much as I thought I'd liked, given the premise.

The idea of terrible terrible one liners based around Rainbow's hypothetical freeze powers was a Batman and Robin reference because, well...

Yeah, I think this is because I wrote it too quickly. If I had taken a little more time with it and stretched it out instead of just cramming every idea I had in there it might have been a bit less wacky. Rarity was the only one I meant to imply was a career criminal. But right around the time Trixie/Riddler enters it's basically shed any coherent direction the narrative might have once had.

"Im surrounded by idiots," thought blueblood


"But sometimes they're sexy fashionista jewel thieves so I'm actually totally OK with that," he thought a moment later

I was not expecting the silliness. I should pay more attention to the tags.

I finally got around to reading this...

and I am appalled.
At how good it was.

holy cow, that was awesome.
I hope 'Batmane' gets to 'thwart Catmare's robbery' the next week.

Cottage for Criminally Insane Animals?
and suddenly Angel Bunny makes sense.

Batman lines must be delivered with DKR throaty goodness. "This isn't...(deep breath) a game...!"

Of course, Rarity would be our favorite jewel crazy cat owning feline themed thief.
I thought, Pinkie and Trixie being yet more rogues would do it ...
But then Luna busts out Bane's darkness speech? oh man.

And then the giant diamonds and freezing? The CMCs had the right idea. Best not to even think about such foolishness.

was wondering when someone would write a fic like this. First time I saw blueblood i thought what if he acts like that to throw everyone off

No. I think I can make a kind of sense out of this.
Blueblood is genuinely, and always has been, fighting crime.
Rarity has found/worked out his "night job" and has decided that since he's not his public persona she'd like to try again.
Pinkie has decided to help Rarity's "date" go smoothly. She somehow found out about this scheme and has created a disguise and recruited the CMC to be an effective distraction (Because they're willing to go along with anything. She hasn't considered Child Safety laws because she's Pinkie Pie)
Trixie has gone a bit nutty since Ponyville and happened to attempt her first theft on the shiniest attraction in town at exactly the wrong moment.
Luna has found out about Blueblood's activities but hasn't quite grasped the concept (pretty obvious).
Anything I've missed?

I wonder if Batman ever had days like this, where half his rogue's gallery strikes the same target at the same time and everyone ends up tripping over one another... :rainbowlaugh:

This... This was the best! I was laughing SO MUCH!

Prince Blueblood as Batmane?

I can actually see that happening.

Why do I find this somehow plausible? B-Blood stalking the streets and castle of Canterlot, protecting it from scum. Bringing terror to the hearts of criminals and kicking their flanks to next tuesday.
What's next? The Blue Blood Rises? Blueblood Begins? Supermac: Stallion of Steel?
I smell awesome. I smells like cinnamon buns.

1480376 - Supermac Stallion of Steel... You must now write that up! Though... what would be his disguise? Not speaking in just Yeups and Nopes?

THIS IS AB-SO-LUTE-LY AMAZING. It is just well done and excellently executed, an exemplary fic for its tags! I laughed a lot and I found the part where Rarity stumbled on Prince Blueblood's secret alias sweet and endearing. I look forward for more content from you!

I am so, so, so disappointed with the lack of Fluttershy as Poison Ivy.

Holy shit, it all makes sense now.
How did I not see this?

Thanks to everyone coming here from EQD! I'm so excited to be on there!

It does, doesn't it? I thought I would have to strain to shoehorn characters into their different roles, but some of the fits make a disturbing amount of sense.

Applejack would have been Poison Ivy. But only for Apple-related plants.

Heh, this is very much a settled one-shot. I threw in as many different Batman references as I could , and I can't say I feel the desire to revisit the concept. If you wanna write a sequel though, go for it.

This is hardly my only story. Try Writing is Hard, which is probably closest to this in tone.

I had this idea before you, but I made it a crap copypaste of Arkham City. You however, have made it great. I applaud you, good sirrah!

I remember stumbling across that when I went looking to see if anyone had used the idea before, because I honestly couldn't believe it hadn't happened. I saw that you had cancelled it though, which is why I decided to go ahead with this.

You deserve a medal from the Overly Manly Man. :moustache:

"Plothole..." "mannequine..." you're a clever wordsmith. Though I have to admit, I was kind of interested in seeing where this was going before it descended into farce. Don't get me wrong, it's quality farce. Still, I was enjoying taking it a little seriously while it lasted. It might be nice to see a more sober sequel, maybe following up on the Fluttershy line of inquiry.

Well, this was enjoyably ridiculous.

And that's the way I like it.

A enjoyable read, funny yet would make sense to some degree that Blueblood to pick up a super-hero alter-ego. Funny too with who fills in for the role for the rogue gallery. Nicely done my man, nicely done /Two-Thumps-up

I was going to write one too, but I was going to use

as the Equestrian Batman. Notice how i'm hiding the identity?

Yeah, i'm a jerk. Good story nonetheless, tracking. :pinkiehappy:

So much insanity in one fic... I've laughed so hart :rainbowlaugh:
So Fluttershy is the warden of the Cottage for Criminally Insane Animals? Suddenly some of the pets of the mane six are making sense... Angel, Opal and Gummy... Fluttershy spreads the madness! :pinkiegasp::pinkiecrazy:

Besides that... "Thwarting a robbery" in skin tight rubber/leathe suits? Kinky :pinkiecrazy:

I wish there was a whole series of those :pinkiehappy:

Anyone else think this should be more than a oneshot? It'd be cool to see Blueblood try and be Batmane during the gala. On the whole a really good oneshot that leaves us begging for more.

signed the good dr.


I'd rather leave my audience begging for more than wear out my welcome

But I'm open to sequels written by others

You know you're doing something right when I start reading Batmane's lines in Kevin Conroy's voice.

You also know you're doing something right when I start laughing hysterically each time one of the villains is introduced.

Or when ‘thwart a robbery’ becomes an euphemism for that activity.

Or when ‘thwart a robbery’ actually was an euphemism for romantic meet-ups, even if they were lacking said activity.

Or...you know what, I'm gonna stop. :rainbowlaugh:


If I managed to invoke Kevin Conroy, then the earlier parts of my story exceeded my own expectations. That's certainly the Batman I was hoping to channel (and, if I'm being 100% honest, the best Batman, IMO) in that portion of the story.

But... what makes you thing their next meet up will be lacking in... robbery thwarting :pinkiegasp:?

Glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I was hoping Luna would have the bane mask. Oh well, hilarious story.

soooo much madness!!! luv it :rainbowkiss:

I'm glad they realized that bad puns are deadly.

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