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Fully Healed - LoveandEdify

After an incident that tests your friendship with Twilight; you both strive for healing. Will it come?

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Bonus Chapter 1: The Twilymoon Phase...

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Fully Healed

Bonus Chapter 1: The Twilymoon Phase...

So, why did I pretty much skip past your wedding instead of copy/pasting it in there just like every other dime-a-dozen storyteller on the planet? Well, for one thing; the weddings are always in there and they pretty much always have the same description. The dress was white here, half the guests a dozing there, here-a-Twilighting, there-an-awkward-Pinkie-Party, everywhere a weird toast before everybody finally gets to the one reason they’re actually here. (The reception, of course. :raritywink::pinkiehappy:) Old McWedding had a farm; E-I-E-I-Oh yeah, we’ve all heard these stories already.

The other reason, is because we’re starting off this chapter after the wedding. On your beautiful honeymoon. Now, neither of you could quite pick the place for the honeymoon right off the bat because both of you were so worried about finding a place that would make the most perfect memories that the other would look back on and enjoy forever; but... your friends basically removed all the levels of that particular stress by planning a surprise, week-long honeymoon vacation for the two of you.

”I know you’re not used to flying in the balloons; but you’d have to admit it was nice of our friends to think of this honeymoon for us. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:” Twilight spoke kindly, putting a friendly hoof over your back. You were lucky to have such a supportive friend and wife going with you on this practical floating prop from IT. You could tell that she was excited about this whole experience with you and wanted to soak up every last minute of it; while you on the other hand, just wanted to skip to the part of the story where you’re safely on the ground. But no, we’re not there yet. So quit whining.

”Yes Twilight, I’m actually pretty excited for all of this.” You agreed, and meant it. “I mean, we’ve been best friends for a long time; and while there’ll be plenty of challenges in marriage and figuring that out...”

”Like facing fears of flying in balloons?” Twilight interrupted, with a snicker of laughter, obviously trying to both tease and help distract you from everything going on inside the balloon. You obviously couldn’t help but join your wife in laughing for that brief moment before regathering yourself.

”Yes Twilight Sparkle, like flying in balloons.” you followed with sarcastic annoyance. You then took a brief look down at what was presumably Cloudsdale, and all of their fast-flying Pegasi; and then turned back to Twilight, who wore a calm, relaxed smile on her face. “For real though, Twi. I’m beyond thankful to have you as my best friend. Both now, and this next phase we’re entering.”

”You don’t think that we’re gonna crash and burn somewhere along the way, right?” Twilight asked, searching for what exactly your expectations were going to be for the next phase of your lives, and how much it would differ, if at all, from friendship.

”Oh I know there’ll be times we’ll crash-and-burn. Just hopefully not inside this balloon!!!” you joked, to alleviate both your concern about being inside your aerial prison and Twilight’s concern about the future; which was met with the both of you giggling again for a brief moment. “But hey, even if we do crash and burn; we’ll always be there to pick each other up again.” you compassionately affirmed. You both shared a quick love-tap-kiss on the lips, wanting to save the first real honeymoon kiss for when you two have landed.

”Good evening everypony; this is Pinkie Pie Airlines and we are pleased to announce that we are arriving at your destination.” you two turned upwards to see Pinkie Pie dressed up in some kind of airline stewardess costume being held up in the air by two floating party balloons that were miniscule compared to the ride that you two were on.

”Hold up,” you asked Twilight while she was waving to her friend, “isn’t she normally down on the ground?!?” Twilight then stopped waving and turned her face back over to you. “Well, she is Pinkie-Pie.” she stated matter-of-factly. “Yeah, I know;” you flusterdly sighed, “it’s just that she’s so unusual, that no matter how many times she does something so unusual; it’s still so absurdly different. Something new every day, yet not.”

You saw your wife dejectedly turned her head away from you. “So you think you married the wrong pony?” she asked, feeling heartbroken after your comments about Pinkie-Pie. It took you a few seconds to realize where your slip-up was.

”No, I didn’t mean you weren’t unique or special; I was...” you were interrupted by a smirking Twily turning around and booping you on the nose. “Gotcha. Now that was pretty good, right?” she asked slyly. You mentally facehoofed yourself for falling for something so juvenile.

“Now that was a pretty dirty trick.” you remarked, sarcastically.

“Yeah Twilight, I didn’t know that you could rick-roll somepony like that. Who is Rick-Roll, anyway? Is he that weird scientist guy with the portals and the weird-looking hair and the white trench coat I saw last year with the grandkid in the yellow shirt?” Pinkie rambled as she safely landed the hot-air balloon onto a breathtaking beach.

About 15 minutes later...

“Hotel Room 15 for Her Royal Highness and her entourage.” The hotel clerk affirmed as he handed Twilight her hotel key using his tan magic aura. After Twilight grabbed it with her own purple aura, you and her strode back over to the beach while a bellboy took the both of your bags to your room. The feel of the moment captivated the two of you as the both of you started heading towards the slowly fading waves.

Now, neither of you had Rainbow’s speed; but the adrenaline being pumped up inside of the both of you might as well have fueled 50,000 Sonic Rainbooms as you two gradually raced each other over to the water. Your wife sped off ahead of you slightly, then you slightly overtook her, then you, then her, then you then her... until you both make a leaping jump into the water at the exact same time, feeling the splash of the water hitting both your sets of hooves.

Although the water was barely a couple feet deep (due to the tides being affected naturally by Luna’s bright, blue moon), you both still landed safely and playfully splashed each other with the crystal clear water for a good few minutes before noticing that the sky was putting on its pajamas quicker than expected and decided to bolt back inside before it got any darker, you were galloping so fast and quickly that you didn’t notice a surprised door-mare holding the door open and looking in astonishment at the utter ridiculousness of the sight she just saw.

But no. You two didn’t care. You were in love, and so was she. Having the best time of your lives, regardless of who was watching.

Back in your hotel room...

”Whoo-hoo!!! You gotta admit, that was the most fun we had in a long time!!!” Twilight cheered, obviously fueled by nothing short of the Magic of Love. Yeah, maybe a pinch of adrenaline too. :twilightblush::twilightsheepish:

”You could say that again, Violet!!!” you cheered enthusiastically along with your wife.

”Whoo-hoo!!!” she cheered loudly again, followed by you repeating after her with the same excitement and zeal. Before long though, you both celebrated yourselves out and then decided to wind down for the night. (Or it could be that the manager almost threw you two out if your oh-so-adorable go definition of Twilighting of a wife wouldn’t stop acting like Rainbow Dash STILL gulping and hiding my energy drinks somewhere. No matter which one, it’s your story; I’m just writing it.)

”If you wanna shower up real quick, you could go on ahead, Twilight.” you offered, as you just got out of the bathroom after washing your hooves.

”Nope, I think I’m good for quite a while. You go right on ahead.” she declined graciously, smiling and motioning for you to go towards the shower. You go towards the shower for a second, then turn to see Twilight staring at you rather suggestively. Her eyes half closed yet gazing at you alluringly, but it wasn’t just her eyes that were staring. The way she played down with her lower legs crossed, the way her right front arm drag loosely in front of her legs. The way that her left arm propped herself up against the entryway.

”You know, Twily. Now that we’re married, we probably could... you know...” you suggested, slinking towards her, wrapping your arms around hers. Almost forgetting that you weren’t a human, but rather a human in a horse’s body, your body weight ended up pushing Twilight down onto the floor before she quickly regained her balance with her magic. The two of you then broke the embrace and laughed hysterically.

”Can you imagine if we were actually able to pull that off?!?” Twilight half-choked, half-remarked as her voice kept getting cut off by her own laughter.

”Yeah, otherwise our story would be like one of those adult movies instead of this hilarious comedy we’re in.” You concurred. Although your laughter was slower and more contained than your wife’s; you still found that event quite humorous alongside someone so precious.

”Seriously though, we’re gonna have the rest of our lives to pull stuff like that off.” you noted, as you resumed getting into the shower.

”Yeah, I’m sure we will.” Twilight agreed, as she shut the bathroom door for you with her magic. Her initial smile from earlier then relapsed into an apathetic frown, as memories from a couple of days before the wedding played through her mind.

Flashback... 3 days before the wedding...

”Come on, Twilight. I’m sure that your friend will love you no matter what the results say, also, can’t you two do this after the wedding?” Spike wearily beckoned, as he and Twilight were quickly walking into the Ponyville General Hospital.

”Oh come on yourself, Spike,” Twilight teased, “you know that I want to be prepared for anything. Especially for the possibility if me and my future spouse were going to have any colts or foals!!!” she went on, excitedly. The two finally stopped at the receptionist’s desk, “Ah hello there, I’m Twilight Sparkle. I mean, of course you know me, because I’m the Princess of Friendship and all that. But I'm not trying to be arrogant. Am I being arrogant?!? I’M SORRY IF I WAS ARROGANT!!!” Spike simply facepalmed himself for yet another episode of The Wonderful World Of Twilighting; while Twilight Sparkle wished that her significant other was there to bounce her awkward quirkiness off of. The receptionist simply laughed. Not in a haughty, rebuking way; but an understanding way.

”Of course Princess Twilight, I understand where you were getting at. You’re right on time for your appointment with Nurse Redheart. She’ll be ready to see you now for the results.” she replied, as Spike found a comfy spot in the waiting room while Twilight and the receptionist were on their way to meet Nurse Redheart for what Twilight was hoping for, but fairly certain was, some exciting news.

Author's Note:

Well everyone, surprise!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I am continuing on this story arc with some bonus chapters of this story, following all the positive responses from it.

Unfortunately, the story’s algorithm wouldn’t let me post all of the first chapter as planned, but what a cliffhanger, huh? :twilightblush:

So, what was Twilight’s appointment about? And how does it involve you?

We’ll find all that out, next time.

Until then...

Keep Loving, Keep Edifying, and KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP LoveandEdifying!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

See ya next chapter. :raritywink:

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