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I like sandwiches and coffee. I also write a shit ton of smolcellus fics.


Sandbar places a bet with Smolder that he could find the shell of Knuckerbocker. When he begins to use it, it ends up really annoying Smolder. Hilarity ensues.

This isn't a sequel either, just somethin I wanted to try, so, eugh. Almost forgot to mention, there are also some minor(major) Smolder x Ocellus Implications, so prepare yourself.

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Comments ( 6 )

Very cute!

V nice

I like your Sandbar and Smolder dynamic! It’s fun seeing Sandbar out of his usual chill self.

Thank you! I was originally gonna put this in the "Alternate Universe" category, but decided against it.

Tysm! I tried a little harder on this one, and that's kind of what I was going for.

Wonder if Ocellus takes charge over Smolder on her birthday?

That's a good idea, I should put that in a sequel. :ajsmug:

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