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Flash Sentry and his father, Stormbringer move into a new city named Canterlot, not being in the best financial state.

The two have had it rough their entire lives, his mother was a nasty woman, leaving Flash and his father when he was just a young boy.

But after finding a new job opportunity in the city of Canterlot, Stormbringer decides to get him and his son out of the dangerous city they lived in, hoping to give his son a better future.

This move eventually leads Flash into finding an old basketball within the heap of stuff they brought from San Francisco.

Though he's not good at the sport, no less ever played it, he finds himself, intrigued trying to become better at the game, wanting to learn everything about it and make it into the pro league, finally freeing him and his father from their rough lifestyle.

But of course, he has to start from the basics.

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Shouldn't San Francisco be a pun in some way?

Well yeah I guess in MLP terms (Probably MLPEG Terms, I'm not so sure) The city's name would probably be a pun.

But since the whole MLPEG earth is kinda confusing to me, especially the location of Canterlot City and possibly Equestria, I wasn't really sure on whether or not I should have the name of San Francisco as pun, So I decided to put the story's setting in the "real" earth (quotations because obviously The State of Equestria isn't real.) just so I don't get things mixed up like say for example.... Manehattan and Manhattan

This is looking good, but I did notice a bit of a plothole you'll need to address. Basically, if Flash wasn't in school during Equestria Girls, who saves Twilight when Sunset trashed the gym?

Yeah you're right.

Well as the story progresses I think I might use another background character (or make another OC if I really cant get the noggin thinking ) but you know when we cross that path I'll try and address a few things here and there.

So Comet Tail's the Flash replacement. Interesting.

My Flashlighter pride wants me to stop reading, but I want to find out what's happening. I'm torn. :raritycry:

I am really sorry about this šŸ˜…

I mean I got only one other story I'm working on.
It's kind of lengthy but It's kind of something I enjoy writing and spend a lot of my time with.
You can check it out Here
But it's your call though

Aww please continue this if you can. Iā€™m loving this story so far

Writers block I'm sorry :(

Also, school

it's ok don't worry about it, take your time :)

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