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This story takes place after the events of the episode "Princess Twilight part 2"

After Discord's old plan of destroying the tree of harmony reemerged and wreaked havoc in Equestria Celestia decided to take him on his offer "to clean up" literally. After some catching up Discord decides to go ahead and become a maid to Celestia for a day since most of her staff took the day off. However Celestia's old mischievous nature from her past has reemerged and she decides to make things quite embarrassing for the lord of chaos. Discord who can still use his chaos magic fights back pranking both Celestia and Luna while digging up secrets in the castle. It doesn't take long for things to get out of control.

Cover artist: Pridark

Chapters (9)
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Pssst... you put this in the Flipverse group, but this fic doesn't take place in the Flipverse universe.

interesting so far, keep it up.

cool coverart. hope this story updates soon

I remember when this was a thing...

20 years ago. :/

I like it! One recommendation I would have is using some more variety when addressing certain things, instead of sticking to primarily one noun. (For example: Rump was a bit overused) I really enjoyed the content of the story though and I thought it was nice! Keep up the work!

Twilight: Discord, I suggest you stay away from me for at least a few moons. It is taking all my willpower to not blast you to atoms right now.

Transformation of mane six here in this story and those are:

Rainbow Dash into earth ponies.
Rarity into sea ponies.
Applejack into zebra.
Fluttershy into minx.
and Pinkie Pie into alicorn.

So what did Twilight change into by side a prance maid?

"Yeah...I..I...I am! Sorry, I must have forgot for a second." The pegasus then took a volleyball and spiked sending it flying with a squeak. "Dang! That was awesome!"

Why did you put the word pegasus there when Rainbow no longer have wings?

1) Twilight is just that a royal prance maid

2) fixed the wording for Rainbow dash

note: The reasoning for the TFs was just keep the mane six from ruining the chaotic party.

1) ok but is she still alicorn or is she something else?
2) thank you.
3) I’m knew that but been thinking there be more changes to them in the next chapter.

1) yes she still is her physical body hasnt changed
2) cool
3) not really maybed minor changes but they're not the main focus. but some nobles/ royal guards are going to be caught up in the chaos

Right so...is it ok to help to add some more transformation in next chapter later on.

So when the party is done, they'll be back to normal?

The pegasus was wide-eyed at how good Celestia was and stammered, “N...no way!”

You change RD into a earth pony in the last chapter!

thanks for catching that. Ive been super busy for the past month.

So what will happen in the next chapter?

so the next chapter is going to be Discord keep waking up as celestias maid throughout various times in herlives eatching her grow up. everytime he tries to tell her that he loves her he doesnt until he sees her getting married. but wakesup to see everyone passed out and it was all just a dream.

So the next chapter is last chapter?

no its a dream sequence that makes discord realise that he has a chance to be with celestia. But he's to scared to ask her if she has feelings for him. So wehn he wakes up and sees the castle is a disaster he has to clean everything up snd fix everything before celestia wakes up.

Comment posted by Foal Star deleted Feb 3rd, 2020

If Luna doesn't forget... Midnight, I hope you are ready to live a double life.

You keep forgetting that RD is the Earth Pony in this story!

However Celestia's old mischievous nature from her past has reemerged and she decides to make things quite embarrassing for the lord of chaos.

How is that different from normal Celestia?

Clone?... INDIRECT SELF PUNISHMENT!..... This is the best ending ever!

I might make a sequel but theres a few other projects im gonna take care of first.

The princess of chaos for one lol. My Moby Dick that needs to be hunted down. Then there's this silly clown story that I want to finish its not really popular but I want to finish it anyways. Then there's a another cute maid story im collabing with a friend. But updates will be chruning out faster but I wont rush myself.

So can you tell me on what this another cute maid story is about anyway?

"Fine now, stop being adorable, go grab a quill and parchment." The princess ordered with a smirk on her face as if she knew a private joke that Discord didn't know.

lol ssundee meme! pen and paper!

Dustershy was quite surprised with herself as she went about unfolding the sheets and flapped them out and then went about tucking them in, fluffing up the mare's pillows and smoothing out the giant purple comforter all in a matter of seconds. But she also took out a Twilight plushie and tucked it in the sheets.

...a Twilight plushy? Uhhhhhhh...

This story has a lucid dream feel to it. I loved it for what it was.

I wrote this during a time where I was getting little sleep and dealing with alot...it really was a special story I enjoyed writing. Thank you for reading

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