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Several weeks have passed since the Friendship Games and things have finally begun to return to normal at Canterlot High for all but one.

While the newly transferred Twilight Sparkle is happy to finally have friends and a place she fits in at, her mind is still on magic and the world of Equestria.

Having learned her lesson though with how she first tried to learn more about it, she has put forward an idea to her princess counterpart that might be able to help everyone.

When she finally does get an answer, is she ready for what it will mean for her future and that of two worlds?

Chapters (3)
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Sunset was Celestia's student before she went to the human world so she is probably very good at unicorn magic, human magic however is a very different story because they are as a species very new to magic and thus she was starting from scratch as far as her knowledge went.

And all this was for, what again? I didn't understand any of it.

I was commenting on your author's note.

I love Twilight + I love Sci-Twi = I love this story

Why do you hate mirror magic?

I think legend of everfree is critical to sunset growth. Without her realizing what was going on at camp with the magic she was able to get them not afraid of it which helped in the end of Sci-twi conquering her fears of becoming midnight sparkle again. But this lead to sunset going back to Equestria to get a knew book and becoming friends with starlight. And that lead to the reunion with celestia in Forgetten friendship.

It's crazy how connected everything is in Equestria Girls. Even twilight from Equestria and being a princess can be traced back to two ponies. Luna becoming Nightmare Moon and the betrayal of Sunset Shimmer.

If you want me to explain the MASSIVE connection just ask. I'll send it as a PM.

Unusal, but verry intresting, I will definitly follow this :twilightsheepish:

I hate Mirror Magic because Juniper is such a fucking waste of a villain. Right up there with Gaia Everfree, hence why I erased those from existing. Or at least their appearances.

All the character development that would've happened in those will still happen. Just now in Equestria. And I will be using Forgotten Friendship's Sunset and Celestia reunion.

Brought forward now. No long angst ridden waste of time that this fandom is obsessed with.

Sci-Twi meeting Pinkie.

I pity the poor girl-turned-alicorn.

Sci Twi is an alicorn here. Sunset's the unicorn between the two.

Was there any reason why you decided to make Sci-Twi an alicorn rather than a unicorn, like how she was in Spring Breakdown?

I always liked the idea she was a alicorn way more than she was a unicorn. Her pony up form has wings, yet Hasbro made her a unicorn for no real reason.

I fixed that.

Actually, I've discussed that a few times with some others, and we came to this conclusion:

Sci-Twi doesn't have wings because she's just like how Princess Twilight used to be: A unicorn. She was never granted wings like her pony counterpart did.
However, she gets wings in her pony-up form because the girls draw their magic from their pony counterparts/Elements of Harmony. Because Sci-Twi's magic is channeled from Princess Twilight's magic, she gets the wings when she ponies up.

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