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This story disgusted me in all the right ways if such a thing can be said. The way you have your antagonist relate his crimes with that amount of emotion...and the emotion being joy, made the hairs stand up on my neck. The worse part? There are people just like him out there. The Zodiac Killer has never been caught.

It's why I lock my doors at night.

Is it strange for me to say that I'm happy that was your reaction? I honestly didn't think I'd done that well on this. I'm... glad(?) to hear that!

This was a great story! I don’t read too many of the darker tales, although I find the good ones here and there, but this one was worth it. The only reference I found was Love Bug’s name, but that might not be it.

Great job with the fear factor! The notion that serial killers are just like us and living among us is quite a terrifying one, no?

Gruesome, gory and terrifying the way he just seems so normal...

Have a fave and a follow, Gore Master.

How was he gonna tell Twilight one of her favourite authors was a criminal?

"Oh... dangit. Well, I guess all I have now are AK Yearling and this neat-o philosophy book by S. Glimmer..."

Great bit of story! I mean... I'm not sleeping tonight... but it was great anyway. :twilightsmile:

The interrogation... unsettles him.

Not just him!! Not just him!!! :pinkiecrazy:

This is... this is terrible. I truly had to walk away for a while, to try and get my stomach back under control. I think the images my mind drew up will haunt me for life, or, at least, for a good few years.
And yet... this was fascinating. The psychological thoughts of, quite literally, a killer for a killer, were a thing I couldn't look away from. This is really something. Very nicely done!!
Now excuse me. I'ma just... double-check my doors. Make sure my car's locked. Clear my mind...

I liked him. But yes, many of us wear masks, some of us even hide behind them. I, myself, hide behind a few depending on the situation. I know people who do the same, but many of them aren't good people. If someone wears a mask, then ask yourself, "what have they got to hide?" Note: I'm not referring to any kind of internet alias. No, I'm speaking of real life. It's relatively simple to disguise oneself on the internet.

If you don't understand insanity then count yourself among the fortunate.

If you can see reason within insanity then you'll never even realize that something has gone terribly wrong.

It's like those sayings that go, "you'll be dead before you even know something went wrong".

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