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This story is a sequel to Strictly Come (Flash)Dancing

Christmas is approaching, and everybody is feeling festive. What could be more festive than the reindeer?

Of course, nobody meant for Jimmy to actually provide them himself...

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Nice story.

Who's alice btw?

She's one of the Gift Grove Reindeer from the 2018 Holiday Special: Best Gift Ever.

I'd never heard of her either.

Ah. Thanks for the explanation

Your welcome :)

And as I said, she's not the only reindeer from that special that you will see me get transformed into. Keep an eye out for the remaining two of which you will see the names for them. :raritywink:

The elder reindeer in the special is Aurora and Bori is the middle reindeer. Each has a special gift: Aurora has the gift of knowing times past, Bori lives in the Present and keeps Alice and Aurora in line, and Alice has some sort of future sight.

Don't spoil! >_< :facehoof:

At least use the spoiler tag. :ajbemused:

Great story! Am I correct in guessing that Aroura and Bori will be Your next TF's?

Yes ^^

Although that is a bit of a spoiler ^^;

Who did you turn into? Is it some reindeer from a pony episode I missed?

So, basically the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

Apparently, Alice is one of three reindeer from the Christmas special. Their names are a groantastic pun on 'aurora borealis'.

The upvote/downvote ratio on this story is the reverse of the last one.

It's getting there ^^

Well, it was when I posted the comment...

Yep :P

I'm guessing the only one in our friend group that hasn't upvoted it yet is, of course, Devious Dazzle ^^'

Once she feels better, then one might see her upvote as well as comment of course ^^

Hope they get beyter.

They are from The Best Gift Ever (A Hearth's Warming episode) where the Mane 6 and Spike are planning a Hearth's Warming celebration and they decide to do a Hearth's Warming Helper (Secret Santa). Pinkie Pie visits the Gift Givers of the Grove, as mentioned by Prince Rutherford of Yakyakistan.

You mean special :P

A special is just a long episode.

Cute work, Jimmy!

Nice little holiday TF.

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