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One must be willing to write about every aspect of pony life, be it physical, mental, emotional, social, political, or sexual.


After defending Ponyville, Twilight and her friends are caught in a wave of something magical. When Twilight wakes up, she finds something peculiar: everypony has forgotten about her! Will she find the culprit and stop the wave of forgetfulness? More than that, will she fall in love in the process?

This is another of my FanFiction stories that I'm transferring over to this platform. Hope you enjoy!

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I really liked this alot. It was sweet and short; really akin the show. But I don't understand Twilight's decision to leave trapped in the fire. It could be a fire hazard, depending on where they left it. What are they just going to leave the bear in there for the rest of his days? And where did this fire come from? Wouldn't the locals get suspicious? :unsuresweetie: I have so many questions. :applejackconfused::facehoof:

Regardless, I loved the story. I'll be keeping an eye on you.... :trixieshiftright:

Comment posted by Gboyd deleted Last Monday

It's magic fire. It only attacks those who would seek to harm true friendship. Twilight can set it and control it as she pleases.

I like it, though the dialogue did seem a bit rushed. Really can’t blame you there since I have the same problem with my stories...sooo Dialogue Brothers? Or Sisters if you’re a girl.

Guess great minds think alike, because I had the very same idea in my story! This is meta!
Only difference is, Twilight can't control the fire. That's pretty cool.

....... :rainbowderp:

Sweet Celestia...... That just made me realize just how powerful our little bookworm is! *Shivers*

Sorry. I'm a huge Twilight fan. Can ya tell?:twistnerd:

Hey, when you're the best pony...you deserve to have a few fans, lol. I'm a diehard Twily lover as well! :twilightsmile:

Hey if Celestia is evil in this AU, then the villains must be freedom fighters

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