• Published 2nd Dec 2019
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Forgotten - MetalandPonyFan2578

Twilight's friends forget about the princess after a harsh battle.

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Bumble Trot

Twilight didn't have time to stop Bumble as he drug her by the hoof into his tent. Her mind was whirling. What in the name of Celestia did he want with her? Why on earth did he look so undeniably nervous? She tried to process all of this while realizing that she wasn't in complete control of the situation. This proposition caused her teeth to go completely on edge. She hated being out of control. She liked it when she knew what the situation was and where it was headed. But it seemed Bumble Trot had other ideas.

When she was finally able to sit on her haunches and face him, she noticed the huge amount of red that colored his face. Is he…blushing? She asked herself. Oh, please, Celestia, no! Don't let him have a thing for me! I don't want this to go down that route. But all the same, she couldn't help but feel like his excessive coloration was due to her presence. That would explain his nervousness when he spoke with me before, she thought.

Then her mind flashed back to his odd statement of a few moments earlier. He knows who I am, she thought, on the one hoof, that would be a very refreshing change of pace. It would also mean I have an ally in this mixed up world. But…then again…I did tell everypony out there who I was. Is he simply repeating what I already said?

"Um…you said you knew who I was," she said, "but I told you before."

At this, Bumble Trot began stuttering and couldn't stop. Twilight became fearful for the young stallion's sanity and stepped forward and put a comforting hoof on his face. "It's okay," she said in a friendly manner, "I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Oh, I know that, but, you see, I…oh, never mind."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Princess Twilight," he said in something of a robotic tone, "I'm sure. Nothing that I say here matters."

"That's not true-"

"Just go away, please."

Twilight, sensing that she might be pushing it a little bit, got up and slowly backed out of the tent. She felt awful for her fellow pony, but all the same, he wished to be left alone. If she was to start befriending the ponies in this world, she figured that had to acquiesce to their decisions, even though they were strange. Just a minute before, he was dying to speak with me, now he doesn't want to? That's so odd!

After she went away, Bumble Trot looked at a small picture of her that he had. He did know exactly who she was, and why they had all arrived in this crazy world. I've made a whole lot of mistakes before, but this one might be the biggest, he thought. All I wanted to do was impress her…

Bumble Trot was a pony who had never been lucky. He had never had a true friend before, and most ponies took advantage of his quiet kindness. He had been swindled out of bits more times than he could count, and he had been rejected by every mare he had ever liked. The ponies that he considered friends were nothing more than backstabbers, and his family had disowned him. In short, he had never known what love was.

Part of his problem was that his cutie mark was embarrassing. It was a picture of a pony slipping and falling down. Needless to say, he had a penchant for messing things up. It was a gift, and he wished with all his heart that he could shove it in a box, mark it "return to sender," and send it back to whatever disgusting place it had come from. He was sure he was adopted. After all, who would willingly raise a pony like him who messed up so much?

But no, he was actually born and given the cruel name Bumble Trot. At first, his parents were going to name him Flame Mane, for obvious reasons. His mane blazed through the air, leaving a fiery streak behind it. He was also a very determined pony, even through all of his mistakes and missteps. But early on, his parents noticed his tendency to wobble and fall over. It took him much longer to learn to trot than the other foals, so they changed his name.

His family was nothing short of a dysfunctional disaster. His father, a proud Baltimare council pony, had set his family in an incredibly high position in the town. His mother was a socialite, always going to parties and dances. But when he came along, everything changed. His parents were ashamed of him and they did the bare minimum in caring for him. His brother and sister were extremely gifted pony prodigies, who could do basically anything. They also shunned and despised him.

One night, his mother had come home very early in the morning and his father wanted answers. He heard every word of their fight, and his father scream that he wanted to divorce her. It was later found out that she had been unfaithful multiple times, and that sent the entire family spiraling downward. Bumble was the unfortunate victim of all this, as his mother left and never returned and his father continued to neglect him. Soon, he found himself going through school all alone. His siblings got all the friends and they got to be popular. He would spend his days sitting by himself, reading or trying to figure out why he had seemingly been cursed.

But then he had discovered Princess Twilight, the only pony in Equestria he thought would understand him. He followed her adventures constantly, and was something of a royal watch pony. He would regularly catch the train to Canterlot, when he knew she was going to be there. He would look in awe, mesmerized by her beauty and kindness. He wished with all his heart that he might get to meet her one day.

Now that day had arrived, and he had blown it. He was the only other pony in this forgetful version of Equestria who remembered her and what she had done, and he had completely butchered his attempt to explain things to her. Little did she know it, but this entire mess was a product of another one of his bumbling attempts at success. Just another mistake, he told himself as he looked at her picture, I should never have tried that spell.

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