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“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.” ― William Lamb Melbourne


There's something that waits in every bedroom, every hallway mirror, every bit of glass, every silvered or polished metal surface. Something that looks back at Pinkie when she looks at her self in the mirror.

And this, too, is Pinkie Pie, and she's just so happy you're here.

(An entry in the twenty-third Quills and Sofas speedwriting competition. Prompt: 'Mirror, Mirror' from The Big Friendly Giant OST)

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Comments ( 10 )

So beautiful, and so thoroughly Pinkie Pie!

A spider, eh? I guess they all really do float down here!

I thought you were going to finish the story with the Mirror Pool and Mirror Pinkie would become a Clone (the one that escaped to Manehattan).


Honestly, I'm still figuring out who she is. She might have been one of the mirror clones who didn't make it. Or all of them. Or the mare in Manehattan.

Or she might become a highwaymare again...

As I said in the AN, I'm thinking about it.

Neat concept! Self contained, but has room for expansion/elaboration. =)

Only thing that pops out as needing more attention is that ending. You might want to rework it so that you don't have two conclusion paragraphs that start with "thankfully" and mostly say the same thing.

Got a bit existential there at the end, but overall a very Pinkie story :pinkiehappy:

And Pinkie should totally become a highwaymare. :pinkiecrazy:

That is... Slightly horrifying. Awesome, disturbing.

The existential horror of Pinkie Thing... it wants to feed... it wants to taste.. IT WANTS TO TASTE AND FEED UPON US ALL!! :fluttershbad:

Even if there was nothing else good about a thing's death, you as their killers ought, as a matter of course, give them something for the substance and sweet juice their untimely ends gave you!

Lol, vore.


Fascinating bit of existentialism, and a perfect subject for it. Pinkieness extends across dimensions, each Pinkie a facet of the greater Joy...

But what about the Pinkies beneath the surface, on the inside looking out?

Thank goodness there are enough of them looking into mirrors to keep the mirror-Pinks from exploring that thought too deeply. Pretty sure that's how multiversal calamities start. Thank you for a most intriguing read.


You're absolutely right, and the only reason I was being stubborn about it was the idea that it was cheating to fix a failure of style after pushing the submission button.

Well, this Winston has won a victory over himself, and I now love Big Ponk with all my ape heart once more.


Interesting look at Pinkie beyond the mirror.

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