• Published 2nd Dec 2019
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A Rich and Tender Love - Israel Yabuki

A clopfic between you and the stuck-up, yet beautiful Spoiled Rich

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Hope there’s a sequel, or even a oneshot or the birth of their new baby.

So Pinkie also married Cheese in this series!?

Eh...I am not a big fan of that tbh.
I don't like poligamy.

Still, nice fic.
Happy Holidays

First off, love this. Normally, you don't see gradual transformations for Spoiled Rich from being a stuck-up bitch to a strong, but more understanding socialite mare. I was worried you weren't going to be able to capture a similar feeling like you did with Upper Crust...but you proved me wrong with Spoiled Rich and Intellectus here~ Bravo to you.

Secondly, regarding your Skystar fanfic, is it possible if I could be a part of making it alongside you and your editor~ As said a long while back, I have had PLENTY of ideas to share with you on what kind of male Skystar would encounter~

awesome story you two cant wait for princess skystar story:pinkiehappy:

Great work keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻


I don't like poligamy.

:applejackconfused: :rainbowhuh: Wut?

Still, brilliant work! Looking forward to the next story!

You doing well guys, Seeing a new light on Spoiled Rich, and a bigger family, they end up with a happy ending.

keep up the good work and Brony on

“Why do you earth ponies tend to have such amazing breasts

let's compare a female earth pony to an alicorn's cup size shall we?

Having just finished this story, all I have to say is that this short novel really intrigued me. I kind of wish that there were more chapters; mainly because I think that some of the stories that you’ve made so far should be a lot longer. Now, I’m not saying stop making short stories. Far from it! I love them all! But I think that it’s time for a love story that is over ten chapters long.

In this one, it really made me smile how the human was able to get a new wife; much like you’ve been doing in your other works. Plus, the kid was just able to make me smile.

(As a fellow degenerate, I also enjoyed the naughty parts!)

4.5 out of 5!

I just an idea, human goes to Equestria, by whatever means, and gains a rep as a high-end bodyguard/escort...

Kinky times ensue with whoever he/she is with


I liked this. I never even thought of this kind or story for Spoiled Rich. Good job!

Is there a link to the cover image?

it's on derpibooru.org

the number is 1382070

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