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This story is a sequel to Summer Fog

It's been a few months since the incident with the Memory Stone, and in those few months, Wallflower Blush has managed to come out of her shell. Derpy and Roseluck have joined her Gardening Club, and she still hangs out with Sunset from time to time.

One evening, Wallflower goes to the hardware store with Sunset to pick up some seeds for her garden. There, they run into the Axeblade Twins, two guys that Sunset and her friends once mistook for ghosts. Wallflower isn't sure what to think of the twins at first, but that all changes when Douglas Axeblade reveals that he shares her interest in gardening.

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Comments ( 8 )

Daaaaw! This was a really cute, fluffy story! I'm not sure I like how Flash Sentry was a jerk, but..........this was still really good!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I wrote this story to provide a happy follow-up to Wallflower Blush's redemption, and to showcase the Axeblade Twins, who I introduced at the end of Summer Fog but didn't do much with.

Honestly I like Wallflower a lot as a character. I relate to her a lot, as a lot of ppl on this site do. Hated her as a villain tho.
Anyways, good job. Nice and fluffy. Flash felt ooc, which I wasn't a fan of, but it was an adequate engine to show that Douglas cared. My only crit. Cute story.

Also that pic of Wallflower is so cute omg

I dont have a lot of followers but I gave your fic a plug bc I like fluffy things that are fluffy, esp when it involves one of my favorite characters, and when the story is fluffy

Oh wow! I'm honored that you liked this story that much! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

I checked out your profile, and your stories look really interesting and cute, especially the ones with Fluttershy and your OC. I'm currently doing an OC story with Lyra myself. Consider me a follower of yours! :raritywink:

Thanks. I'm a sucker for romantic fluff. I'll have to give your Lyra OC fix a look.

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