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Good job. I am looking forward to this.:trollestia:

Hello, I’m Andrew Eugene Shepherd. The first human to make it to Equestria, the world of talking magic ponies. I’m also the first modern human to try to make it a home.

Wait, so is there no Rainbow Road in this universe, or does he not know about it?

Edit: You know what, stupid question since I think the other stories in this will all be one offs or possibly connected stories. Don't bother answering since it's probably irrelevant to the other one offs.

That last part what Celestia said reminded me of a different character saying it but I cannot remember who; it’s not from MLP but a different franchise or movie.

(...)Twilight pushed me up against the nearest wall, her nose still pressed against mine. “You must have problems!”
“I-I do! I do!” I insisted. “But nothing to do with friendship!”
“You HAVE. TO HAVE. A PROBLEM. I CAN SOLVE!” She bellowed, her eyes twitching in opposite directions. “NOW GIVE ME IT!”

"A crazy purple pony who I thought was a friend, physically assaulted me today!"


"It's happening right now!"

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew...you silly Human. Never stick your dick in crazy.

That story cover tho...

Sooo..... i'm spechless. ... and i love it!!

You're assuming that Twilight "Gravity is my bitch" Sparkle gave him a choice in the matter. She's very persuasive and she can reposition you easily enough if you don't move fast enough. Add that to the fact that she wasn't exactly in her right mind and you have an excellent case of "I need an adult!"

Princess Celestia looked over the scroll a few more times. She looked over the pictures. She raised an eyebrow.

“Well… I certainly never taught her that.”

Have my like if only for that one last bit!
*throws down mug*

Now what's wrong with that????

This series is also partially in response to people complaining Shepherd is too passive. He can dominate in other arenas...

“Well… I certainly never taught her that.”

Rarity and her smut collection taught her that.

Hilarious start and am looking forward to more.

Most excellent.

I mean, it's great... but not good for either party in the long term.

Well... you're not wrong...



Damn Andrew, you have been pumping out a lot of content lately :rainbowderp:

Making up for lost time. Though if I'm being honest, a lot of these things were ideas I hadn't gotten around to writing. I have an enormous amount of stuff I haven't converted into usable readable form.

Hey Caboose?


Don't ever stick your D*** in crazy.

I have no idea what that means.

I know.....

Will all the sex scenes involve Twilight?

Not all of them. She'll be observing them of course, but she won't always participate.

I vote more chapters and more ponies

Was Spike more catatonic over Seeing Twilight in a make out session or that Shepard was naked

So, how'd I do?

If the response is positive enough, I'll probably do more such one shots


Very good for your first clop. If you make more ill read it.

👍 👌

Totally good, and we need more chapters, now twilight will learn the magic of romance, but her friends also need to learn too, specially the inexperience ones.

“Lesson one,” I managed. “Lock the door.”

All well and good until Applejack kicks it down or Rarity shows that she's a master lock picker. Respect for privacy and/or knocking? I doubt it. Pinkie doesn't do well with personal space either. Be concerned if she want's to show off "balloon" tricks.

Well, guess that's one surefire way to end a Twily-nanas episode.

"Twilight's having a panic attack! Quick, throw Shepard at her!"

Bloody hell, that was brilliant.

Most excellent.

Why would a member of the Nudist Colony care about the Human being naked?

becuause unlike most there his junk is out in plane sight.

Always lock the door! :rainbowlaugh:

Please support the official release.

I once heard Hasbro makes more money from MLP:FiM merchandise than they do from the actual show, so they don't mind 'as much' when people torrent it or share clips.

“All right… What’s wrong?” I asked. Twilight trembled, near tears.

Might also be a remnant from Discord, since he never actually 'Discordified' her; she became colourless all on her own. That kind of mental trauma - falling into depression without being effectively hypnotised first - couldn't have just vanished completely when Celestia abused Spike by making him vomit out scroll after scroll; the 'chaos' from not following a weekly schedule exactly must have brought her mental trauma to the surface.
I pin some of Twilight's Lesson Zero insanity on this, and some on her natural schedule-keeping being disrupted.

but he was able to discipline me show me how my anxiety was unwarranted.

This sentence is quite awkwardly phrased; rewrite?
"but he was able to show me how my anxiety was unwarranted"?

Remember kids: Lift with your legs, not your back. Especially when an exhausted unicorn is on your cock.


Okay Dorothy. Looks like you did fuck a pony last night.


Princess Celestia looked over the scroll a few more times. She looked over the pictures. She raised an eyebrow.

“Well… I certainly never taught her that.”

Was that a freaking Fievel Goes West reference!? If so, that's AMAZING!

This is perfect. I laughed and loved the clop scene. I really hope to read more soon.

If I may request Luna being the other Main Mare, if that is the direction the story takes?

Best Princess don't get no love anymore.

“And then,” Twilight continued, still with that maddeningly cheerful smile, “sexual compatibility!”

“Wait, what?” We both asked at the same time.

:facehoof: Oh dear... this is going to end poorly

Teaching Twilight defeat means friendship, she's still learning, not all her villains reformed.
Also, she would want sex while reading...probably her two favorite hobbies now.

or, OR... just hear me out it's gonna be good


So not something I would normally admit, but many years ago during grad school I did actually try the reading and studying while having sex with my girlfriend at the time. My take away from it was while it was doable my recall of the information was less than stellar compared to normal studying and often required revisiting the material later.

"Oh hey Applejack! Do you mind if I bring my human stallionfriend over so we can talk about the compatibility between the three of us for a threesome?" - Twiggles Sparkle.

Not the one with the best social skills but boy she cuts to the heart of the matter like a small child. Brutally.

Some cumflation.

But why though.

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