• Published 17th Aug 2012
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The Weather Team - Maxis122

Weather control seems to be a simple job, right? Well, at least that's what Max was told.

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The Weather Team
Chapter 1 : Nothing

The sun began to set over the vast fields of Apple Acres as the light wind carried the sweet smell of apples across it. The field swayed in the air and the leaves rustled in the breeze. Apart from that the occasional tweet from a bird could be heard as the relaxing setting remained silent. It was near perfection when it was like this, the perfect place to spend some time relaxing and thinking about the current events. Perfect.

But, throughout this perfection of a scene there was something that wasn’t right. Something that had altered somepony’s life. This pony was a pegasus who lied on a bed inside the Apple’s house. He was strong, his wings showed that he did a lot of flying. He was also in a good physical condition - that wasn’t really a surprise for a pegasus thought as most of them loved to exercise and fly around. But this one was different - very different.

A earth pony who worked on the farm - called Applejack, entered the room with a bowl of water on her back. She had been caring for this pony for the last few hours after rescuing him from the river. It was odd for a perfectly fine pegasus to just be floating around in a river without showing any signs of life. Or to be unconscious for that matter.

But after saving the pegasus and confirming her suspicions - she was able to take him home and give him a bed. Then, with the help of the others on the farm, they were able to wrap the back of his head with a bandage as this area had a red mark on it. Supposedly this is how he became unconscious. With this done they then let him rest.

But now it had been about twelve hours and Applejack thought that it would be a good idea to check on their guest. With the water in one hoof she propped the head of the pegasus up - who showed a few more signs of life as a slight grunt came out of him. She sighed in relief as he was still alive, but he was still very weak. She then tipped some of the water into the pegasus’s mouth, there was no immediate reaction to begin with. But then he swallowed the water and moved his tongue around his dry mouth as he tried to get rid of the dry taste that lingered inside of it.

She then tipped a little more water into his mouth and again he swallowed it. His eyes moved around a bit and tried to open - but he was still weak. Applejack set the water bowl aside and sat beside the bed with this pegasus in. She began to examine his face, trying to figure out where he came from. He couldn’t be from Ponyville - because she had never seen him before. For who he was, she would have expected Rainbow Dash to mention him if he lived in Cloudsdale. So, he could be from Canterlot, Manehatten, or pretty much anywhere. Her desire to know who be quenched when he could speak again.

The thing that had confused her the most so far had been his cutie mark. Mainly because she couldn't think about what it would represent. It almost looked like a double pointed lightning bolt. But then it was blue - so the question still remains: what does his cutie mark mean. Again - she would find out later.

Then there was the matter of his name - what kind of name would he have. Something to do with flying, his colours or maybe just a unexpected name. For one he did look rather cute- well, relatively speaking. Anyway, the only thing that he had on him was his goggles. These were sitting on his head at the time that she pulled him out of the water, but now they were put aside to make everything a bit more comfortable.

After doing the initial checks of his temperature and checking that he was still alive, she then picked the bowl up again and walked out of the room. After she closed the door the room became silent again. The slow breathing of the pegasus was the only thing that could be heard. Then the pegasus sniffed to get some air into him, then he exhaled and began to open his eyes.

He lazily looked around his surroundings, not really thinking about what was going on or where he was. He looked to his sides and saw that the room was rather empty - almost like it was a guest bedroom of some kind. He then propped himself up and he looked around the room in a bit more detail.

A single thought lingered inside of his head as he looked around. ‘This isn’t my room’ he thought as he examined the covers and pulled them around, feeling the silky softness of them. He frowned at this idea of not being where he should be, but that lead onto another thought, which was quickly dismissed as he looked out of the window.

He looked at the many apple trees that lied in the ground and stood up tall. The vast amount of apple that were just waiting there to meet their inevitable destination. His stomach then rumbled a little as the thought passed his mind but he quickly dismissed that thought as well. But because of that his thoughts came over the one thing that wouldn’t leave his mind. And that thing was - nothing.

He tried to think about himself but he had no memories in his head. There was nothing that he could refer to. He knew about speaking and writing. He even knew what he was and how to fly. But he had no ability to say where he lived or even...

“Oh...” the pegasus let out as he came to a conclusion. He knew nothing about himself. He didn’t know who he was, who his family was. He didn’t even know where he had come from. The more he thought about it the more scared he became.

“You ok?” a voice said which immediately took the attention of the pegasus. The pegasus looked up at the mare who stood at the door that she had come from.

“What?” the pegasus said in confusion.

“Ah said, you alright?” the mare repeated.

“What?” the pegasus repeated. The mare rolled her eyes and approached the pegasus. The pegasus jumped from the bed and stood on it. “WHOA, what are you doing?!” the pegasus shouted as he kept his distance from the approaching apparent danger.

“What in the hay is wrong with you?” the mare frowned.

“I could ask you the same thing!” the pegasus said as he frantically looked around.

“Is this the thanks I get for me saving you?” the mare said as she attempted to go around to the other side of the bed.

“Saved me? You took my memories!” the pegasus said frantically as he jumped over the bed to the other side.

“Why are you so active all of a sudden?” the mare asked.

“I’m not active! I’m hysterical!” the pegasus shouted as he fidgeted and kept moving. The mare then grabbed the bowl of water on the floor and threw its contents onto the frantic pegasus. He stopped for a moment with a blank look on his face.

“I’m wet...” he said with the blank look changing into a shocked look. “I’M WET!” the pegasus shouted as he then ran around the room. The unamused mare then sighed, of all the ponies she could have saved - she had to get the insane one.

“JUST STOP!” she shouted at the pegasus who deserved to be put in a insane asylum. The pegasus froze as he was halfway to colliding with a dresser. He then blinked a couple of times and suddenly snapped out of the initial shock that he was in.

“I’m.. sorry about that. I was... umm” the pegasus was lost for words as he looked at the extremely annoyed mare. She sighed and considered the fact that he had just been in a life threatening accident and he would be very confused.

“Alright, but please don’t act like that again” she said calmly.

“I give you my word” the pegasus said in a very posh way. Almost in a Canterlot or Trottingham like way.

“Right, are you ok?” the mare asked with a slight grin on her face from the last thing that the pegasus had said.

“I think so...” he said as he aimlessly began to gaze around the room. When his face met the floor the mare couldn’t help but put her hoof to face and groan.

“Why?” she sighed and walked over to him. She prodded him and waited for a second as he got up and sat in front of her.

“Yes?” he said in a cheeky way. She then slapped him across the face and waited for him to come back to his senses. For a moment he was left in shock, as he took in the fact that his head was now bearing a red mark on its front now. He then shook his head and came back to his feet, along with his senses.

“Are you alright now?” she asked with a devilish tone to her sentence.

“Yeah, I needed that” he said as he rubbed the sore part to his face, he almost felt like letting out a continuous stream of tears, but he really did need to get snapped back into reality. Literally.

“Now that we have got you back on your feet, how about we move on to other matters” she said. The pegasus raised a eyebrow to the statement.

“Like?” he said as he cocked his head to the side.

“Your name?” she asked. The pegasus looked up for a moment in thought before returning to looking at the mare.

“Don’t have one, what’s yours?” he said quickly. The mare pulled back and looked at the pegasus with a odd look.

“Wait, you don’t have a name?” she said as she tried to compute what he was saying.

“Oh...” the pegasus let out as he realised what he had just said. He then felt so empty and lonely all of a sudden. He sighed as he lowered his head and glumly looked at the floor.

“Hey, it’ll be alright” the mare said as she put a hoof on his shoulder. He looked up to see a warm smile.

“Thanks” he then stood upright and raised his head. He tried to crack a smile for himself, but it didn’t really come out as he expected. It was more of a nervous smile then anything.

“Anyway, my names Applejack” said the mare who had the name of Applejack.

“Right, Applejack” said the pegasus as he stored the name and face into his blank database. The pegasus then looked out of the window to see the apple trees again.

“I’m guessing you would like to know where you are too” said Applejack. The pegasus nodded as he walked over to the window to get a larger vision of the area. “Right now, we are in Sweet Apple Acres. I own this place” Applejack said proudly.

“Cool, I guess” the pegasus said as he continued to gaze upon the land. “You wouldn’t perhapse know where I come from, would you?” the pegasus asked as he looked at Applejack.

“No, ah don’t. But from your accent and fancy talk ah almost thought you were from Canterlot or something” Applejack explained. The pegasus shaked his head in dismissal.

“Canterlot doesn’t ring any home bells” the pegasus said.

“Well, that’s all ah got” Applejack said as she sighed at the lost pegasus. Then a sudden thought sprang to her mind. She then dashed over to the table and grabbed the goggles that were lying on it. She then presented them to the pegasus. The pegasus took the goggles and held then in his hooves. “They were the only thing on you when ah found you” she said.

“The only thing... right” he said as he then turned the goggles over so he could see the insides of them. He looked over them and found that something had been inscribed on the inside of the rim. The pegasus closed in on this and read the two present words. “...Max...Plasma” thought about it as the two words seemed to make something in his head work.

“Max Plasma? Is that your name?” Applejack asked. The pegasus searched his head but it seemed like the feeling was familiar. It was like he knew what it meant for a very long time.

“I think it is” Max said as he acknowledged that it had to be his name. It was that or he called his goggles Max Plasma. Which was unlikely.

“Well, it’s all we have to work on for now” Applejack said with a sigh of relief, knowing that something had been accomplished.

“At least I can tell others who I am now, instead of going with another name. Like... Blue” Max said as he looked to his hoof for inspiration for a name. Applejack rolled her eyes and then smiled at Max.

“Yeah, and now I can actually call you something rather than Mr Insane Asylum” Applejack said. Max glared at her for a second and then chuckled.

“I guess I was a bit on the crazy side” Max said as he remembered what he was like a few minutes ago.

“I think this is the part where you now need to get a life” Applejack said.

“Get a life?” Max said as he gave Applejack a confused look.

“You know, a job, a house” Applejack listed. Max then remembered the situation he was in, yes he had no memories. But at the same time he had no work. He had nowhere to stay.

“Damn...” Max muttered under his breath as a whole new wall of problems just hit him face first. Applejack noticed the stress wave that he was about to endure so she decided to take some of the weight off him.

“You know what, if you need somewhere to be a base until you get back on your hoofs - then you can stay in this room for a little longer” she said. Max’s ears pricked up at the offer and a large smile of relief and happiness spread across his face.

“Thank you, that would be really helpful” Max said. “Now I just need to get some work” Max continued on as he tried to think about what he could do to overcome that obstacle.

“There is one job you could do” Applejack said. Max turned his attention to her as a grin crept across her face. “and it shouldn’t be too hard for a pegasus like you”

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