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It's been twenty-five years since the so-called "Final Battle for Equestria". The three-pronged head of the villain cabal that nearly took the kingdom down, Cozy Glow, has been awake the entire time, feeling every second. All she wants is revenge.

Flurry Heart was only a baby since the events that led to Cozy's demise. Ever since she had the chance to read, she was perplexed by the nonsensical actions and motivations of this little filly. Why did she do what she did? The curiosity was too much.

The dusty old books in the Crystal Empire tell her nothing. What better way to find out than to ask Cozy Glow directly?

(Chapters 1-4 written in during EqNaPoWriMo 2019).

Chapters (4)
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Shining placed a hoof around Flurry and gave her his shoulder. “Mistakes are mistakes, kid. We tried our best with what we had, and this is just how it ended. We just wanted them to stop coming after us. It’s no use getting all sobby for it now.” Shining put his hoof under Flurry’s chin. “Now how about going back home. I’ll make you some delicious Crystal Cruit.”

Did something? You Ponies never visited them and Discord made it all worse with not about putting them in a team but pretty much used them to get Twilight to relearn something :twilightangry2:

This show should had the real Grogar and having the evil 3 become friends

Agree and showed that friendship is becoming toxic for being in peace for so long. They mock them like their superior than them and barely know them

Why didn't AJ sound the general alarm or go to the Mayor and tell them Cozy had escaped?

This is really good.

This story is really good. I hope Flurry will catch Cozy and give her the help she needs.

This is a neat concept. Gets my seal of approval.

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