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What if Twilight Sparkle and Spike fell into Canterlot's Equivalent of the cursed springs of Jusenkyo from Ranma 1/2? Note, contains martial artist Spike and Twilight, and Spike will be aged to a teenager.

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Off to an interesting start in this AU. I especially like the addition of having Spike not being the only one with a gender swapping curse (as funny as it was seeing Ranma turn into a girl at in opportune times, having a girl turn into a guy would have given quite a bit more opportunities for humor) so even if Celestia turning into a guy doesn't come up to often, it is a welcome change.

Can't wait to see what happens next and how things will go in Ponyville with the addition of these curses (whether the mane 5 will play the role of the Tendo's trying to keep all this a secret, or whether Spike and Twiight will attempt to keep it from them leading to a number of shenanigans like Scootaloo finding a new dog (Twilight) or somepony getting a crush on the new Dragoness in town)

Yes, I'm planning on having many shenanigans because of the curses.

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