• Published 3rd Dec 2019
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Done With You - ShowShine

When Filthy Rich finally has enough, he divorces Spoiled

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We’re Done

Filthy Rich sat in his office, reading over some papers. He picked up his pen with his mouth, writing something down. He spun around on his chair, looked at his calendar. He spun back around and pressed the intercom button on his desk.

“Amethyst, can you please set my meeting with Fancy Pants for the twenty third.” Filthy Rich said into the intercom. From the other side of the intercom, the sound of a quill on paper.

“Yes Mr Rich.” Amethyst Star answered. Filthy Rich took his hoof off of the intercom and let out a sigh, leaning into his soft cushioned chair. He looked over to the clock on his wall to see that is was 2:45. He looked at his calendar again. It was filled to the brim with meetings and interviews.

“When was the last time I took a break?” Filthy Rich asked himself. He pressed the intercom button, leaning in close to it.

“Amethyst, take the rest of the day off, we’re closing for the day.” Filthy Rich said with a smile. Their was the sound of papers shuffling and a bag being unzipped.

“Yes Mr Rich!” Amethyst Star exclaimed happy. Filthy Rich took his hoof off of the button and chuckled to himself. He got out of his chair, stretching out a bit. He looked around his office to see that it was very neat, just how he liked it.

“I’ll surprise Spoiled and Diamond Tiara. I’m never home this early.” Filthy Rich stated happily, walking out of his office. He had a large smile on his face, happy to see his family.

Filthy Rich walked down a stone path, making his way home. He had bought a house on the outskirts of Ponyville so nopony could interrupt their peace and quiet. The closest house was a ten minute walk.

“It’s great to be home.” Filthy Rich said to himself, standing in front of his door. He reached his hoof out to open the door, but froze when he heard faint yelling coming from inside. It sounded like Randolph and Spoiled arguing. Filthy Rich raised in eyebrow in confusion. Spoiled has yelled at Randolph before but he had never yelled back. Filthy Rich slowly opened the front door, peaking inside his house. The living room had books and magazines scattered all over the floor. A small wooden table had been flipped over to its side. A few feet from the table, there was a smashed glass and wine.

“This place is a mess.” Filthy Rich muttered to himself, silently closing the front door behind him. He followed the sound of yelling, walking down the hallways of his large house. Their was the sound of crying and yelling from the kitchen.

Filthy Rich’s slow walk turned into a light trot, concern washing over him. He walked into the kitchen, stopping at the entrance. Spoiled Rich stood in front of Randolph with a scowl on her face, which was red from anger. Randolph stood in a defensive pose, with a black eye and had a large bleeding cut on his cheek. Diamond Tiara laid under Randolph with a large bruise on her cheek and a bloody nose. Her tiara was broken into pieces and she sobbed into the floor, clinging onto her butlers leg.

“Mrs Rich it was an accident, you’re taking this too far!” Randolph shouted. Spoiled stomped her hoof onto the tiled floor.

“I’m not taking this too far in the slightest, she knocked over my wine glass! That was the expensive type too!” Spoiled responded angrily.

“Spoiled?” Filthy Rich asked in disbelief. Spoiled and Randolph quickly turned around in surprise. Spoiled eyes darted around for a few moments before she ran over to Filthy Rich.

“Honey, Randolph attacked me and is holding our dearest daughter hostage!” Spoiled exclaimed, wrapped her arms around her husband and leaning into his chest. Filthy Rich looked at Diamond Tiara who clung onto Randolphs leg.

“Get out.” Filthy Rich stated in a cold voice. Spoiled gave a smug smile at Randolph.

“You heard him, out!” Spoiled shouted, pointing out of the kitchen door. Randolphs ears flattened, and he slowly made his way to the door.

“Not you Randolph, you’ve been a great help and you’ll be getting a raise.” Filthy Rich said. He turned to Spoiled, pushing her off of him.

“You, get out!” Filthy Rich shouted, pointing out the kitchen door. Spoiled looked at him with wide, shocked eyes.

“Me?! What did I do wrong? If anything it was Diamond Tiara who stepped out of line!” Spoiled shouted, pointing to her cowering daughter.

“I don’t care what she did, you should never hit her. I can handle the abuse you do to me and I can handle you being a gold digger but you will never hit our daughter. Now I’m going to say it again. Get. OUT!” Filthy Rich shouted angrily, pointing to the door. Spoiled looked around in a panic, thinking of an excuse. She glared at Diamond Tiara and pointed her nose to the air, stomping out of the kitchen.

“Fine, but you’ll be hearing from my lawyers if you’re thinking about kicking me out of my house!” She shouted, stomping out of the house. The sound of front door slamming shut shook the whole house.

“Diamond Tiara, are you okay?” Filthy Rich asked in concern. Diamond Tiara ran over to him, jumping into his arms.

“I accidentally knocked over her wine and she started to hit me and....” Diamond Tiara trailed off, sobbing into her fathers chest. Filthy Rich stroked his daughters mane, trying to calm her down. He reached over to the counter and grabbed a napkin.

“Everything is going to be okay, I won’t let her hurt you again.” Filthy Rich stated, wiping the blood from Diamond Tiaras nose.

“Randolph, go get yourself cleaned up. When you’re finished I’d like to speak with you.” Filthy Rich said. Randolph nodded his head, walking out of the kitchen. Filthy Rich wiped the tears off of Diamond Tiaras face.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Filthy Rich swept through the living room, cleaning it up. He had cleaned up the broken glass and picked up the turned over table. Diamond Tiara had gotten cleaned up, ate her favorite meal for dinner, and was sent to bed.

“Mr Rich, that’s my job to clean, please sit down and let me do my job.” Randolph said, entering the living room. He had a bandage on his left cheek and an ice pack over his eye. Filthy Rich shook his head.

“You’ve been through enough today, I just need to ask you some questions.” Filthy Rich stated. Randolph nodded his head and sat down in the couch.

“How long has this been going on?” Filthy Rich asked.

“Since she was a young filly. It started off small with just a little insults but since Ms Tiara stood up to Mrs Rich, she has been getting more violent. It’s never gotten this bad before. This is the first time she’s ever hit Ms Tiara.” Randolph explained. Filthy Rich’s ears flattened.

“This has been going on for years?” Filthy Rich muttered in disbelief. Tears welled up in his eyes.

“I didn’t realize how much Spoiled was hurting her, I was so caught up in my work.” He said to himself. He shook his head.

“From now on I’ll spend less time with work and more time with my family. I just need to start dealing with Spoiled.”

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