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The battle for Equestria was over and side of good was victorious. With the union of all creatures from Equestria, the united forces were able to stop Tirek, Queen Chrysalis and Cozy Glow. All was good in Equestria, but for some, things still didn't feel quite right. Starlight Glimmer, after all she has gone through, feels conflicted on what had transpired. Constantly reliving her nightmares of that battle, she turns to the one pony, who goes through similar struggles of his own. A heart to heart talk could very much ease the pain that has clouded their minds.

A one-shot for MLP Forums National Pony Writing Month. This story takes place between the events of The Ending of the End Part 2 and The Last Problem.

Cover art by LordValtasar on Deviantart.

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