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Author of FiMTech (rated M for gore and such. It's my only good series, so turn off the maturity filter in settings or you won't be able to see it)


Ponyville's pegasi prepare for a large storm to mitigate the temperatures of a passing heat wave. However, misplaced clouds from a clumsy pegasus cause strong winds that push Rainbow Dash's house all the way into the Everfree Forest, where it is completely destroyed. Now homeless, Rainbow choses to move in with Applejack, who will need the company since Granny Smith is on her last legs.

Set about fifteen years before "The Last Problem"

I purposefully left the husband nameless and descriptionless so the reader can imagine him as whatever pony or OC they want.

MLP Forums NaPoWriMo submission for Booker. The story I originally wanted to submit for this was way too long. I'll have that finished up soon. This story is kind of a precursor to that one, but this one can still be read on its own without missing out on anything.

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