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The Journal of Success. Few know it exists. Fewer still have an idea what it is.

Some say it simply copies the appropriate entries after they are written. Others say it physically replaces the writer's own journal, to take the stories of success, onto its own pages.

Whatever the case, these are some of its contents, presented as they were written. Not every success is the same size.

Chapters are not related to each other and can be approached in any order. The reader need not fear missing updates.

As this is personal writing, situations may not fully line up with canon or characters. Effort has been made, but may not always be enough. Also, that means this story will update only when I have something to write about! Not to mention, this will never truly be 'complete'. For more information, see here.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 17 )

This is such a sweet idea for a story! :raritystarry: Liking it so far, will definitely be keeping an eye on this one :twilightsmile:

Oh boy, family medical histories. Diabetes on my mom’s side, colon cancer and psychiatric stuff on my dad’s... Fun times.

Suffice to say, I sympathize with Fluttershy here. It’s sometimes hard to stop worrying about what I might have inherited a risk for, especially after some of the crap my sister has had to deal with. Anxiety sucks.

Trust me, Rarity, I know the feeling. Every dog or cat that crosses my path, I’m compelled to try and pet them. Sometimes, they just don’t want to be pet, or they’re really shy, and it makes me wanna :raritycry:. I just have to remind myself that their shyness is not because of some failing on my part. It’s ... not always easy.

Therapy stories are my jam.

Lovely concept and great entries this far. Looking forward to whatever else you put here.

These are pretty cute!

Author Interviewer

I wish I had more to write. :/ Haven't been succeeding at much lately. Or noticing it, which is another can of worms.

That’s what vyvanse and espresso snacks are for

At least I think so

Dear Small Pony Book,

Social distancing is highly detrimental to empathic emotivores. Please let this end soon. I'm starving.


Whoosh is a very good Bland Name for Zoom. I'll have to remember that.

And Scootaloo's a good kid regardless of species. Lovely little taste of current events as applied to technicolor twig people.

Author Interviewer

Not gonna lie, I was just planning to use Zoom and then I thought, no, everything else can be changed, what speed sound effect could I use here?

And then I laughed for like five minutes.

This is just adorable. This really feels like Sweetie Belle writing as a little girl.

Lovely stuff, especially how Sweetie starts by trying to imitate Rarity and just drops it partway through.

Author Interviewer

While this ultimately isn't meant as a character piece, I'm glad someone noticed that. :D Someone's been sneaking into her sister's diary~

A success worth celebrating :heart:

I can't tell if I should feel reassured or personally attacked.

A victory both small and enormous in magnitude. As is the thought to record it when hitting an experimental logjam.

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