• Published 30th Nov 2019
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Hate Thy Neighbors - Devious Dazzle

Welcome to Tartarus St! ~ Everybody hates each other here.

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Anger Avenue

Chrysalis delicately held the oversized hand of Tirek in her own far smaller one. Dark green eyes locked upon his shredded skin closely, her spare hand clasped a tiny pair of tweezers between her fingertips.

Tirek wasn't too sure what to say in this odd predicament, his free hand firmly stroked the beard upon his chin. He noticed the dreary house was cluttered with old toys, boxes of dusty tattered clothes, and faded photo albums. “Um, this place is quite a mess?” Tirek shrugged both massive square shoulders blankly.

Chrysalis raised a thin brow to this clumsy fool unamused. “Why, thank you.” She whispered sarcastically before she plucked a long splinter out of his knuckle. The overgrown baby winced as if she stabbed him.

“Why?” He asked curiously about this oddly empty house.

Chrysalis huffed with an eye roll as she dug the tweezers deep into an open wound on his hand. The large man nearly collapsed in pain across the table, his spare hand clenched into a fist. “Because I like my godforsaken privacy!?” She twisted the tweezers sharply.

“ARGHHHH!” Tirek reached to grab her wrist.

“I leave idiots alone, I keep to myself, but people just keep annoying me!” She hissed painfully slashing the tweezers upward as the man howled in agony.

Femininely Chrysalis lifted a long crimson-colored splinter up in front of her face with a haunting smile. “Little pricks can cause a lot of pain, hmm?”

“You're a psychopath!” He lifted his gaze to her boiling in anger.

“And you're a nosey nomad!” Chrysalis snatched the metal first aid kit off the table.

“No wonder everybody hates you!” Tirek glared just in time for the kit to come crashing down on his injured hand.

“Son of a…”

Tirek nearly kicked the front door open in a panic. He dashed down the steps as his hand-poured with blood, the angry young woman chased after him clutching a wooden bat. “Come back here and I'll break your legs!” She lifted the bat high above her head.

“You lonely nut!” Tirek dodged the bat flying over his head.

The muscular man soon ran into his own yard. Chrysalis clenched her teeth hating that people around her were such pathetic fools. “You bastard!” She spotted a young pink girl walking down the street on the opposite side of the road. She wore comfy red jeans paired with a frilly pink winter coat, her turquoise curls those of the devil.

“Cheese it!” Cozy screamed in complete shock very quick to take off like the wind.

Chrysalis knew she could catch the brat if she were swift enough on her feet. The barefoot woman cut across her lawn with eyes burning like firey coals. “I'm going to wring your neck!” she screamed, surprisingly quick to close in on the frightened child.

Cozy Glow made a zigzag pattern down the corner of the street. Off in the distance, she could make out Sombra's rose garden, with an adrenaline-fueled dash she leaped through one of the massive bushes hiding inside.

Chrysalis sighed coming to a halt in front of Cozy’s floral sanctuary her hand plunged deep into the leafy bush. ”You owe me...arghh!” She yanked her arm back covered in thorns. The little brat giggled in delight from another in pain.

“Gee, I don't owe you anything!” Cozy spoke in faux concern over the matter.

“I will get satisfaction! ~ Even if I have to break…” Chrysalis suddenly turned to her right a tall annoyed man in a business suit watching her.

“Attacking children?” The man sighed his dark red eyes latched onto the nearby bush, he wore a sleek black blazer with dress pants, his hair combed back neatly.

“That brat…” Chrysalis was surprised when Sombra walked closer, his body towered over her own.

“Is a child, something I fear you aren't.” He clutched her wrist and spun her around, nudging the foolish woman off his lawn.

“Word of advice Chrysalis, act your age!” Sombra ran a large hand through his hair.

“I'm not done with either of you!” Chrysalis hissed standing on the sidewalk, her hips arched off to the side.

“Very well.” He placed a hand into his suit as if reaching for a weapon.

Chrysalis clenched her teeth with dismay. The woman quick to walk away from the confrontation on her own terms, Sombra smirked as he removed a cigarette from a fancy metallic case. He knew insolent lonely people like her were all talk, too afraid to reach out and take what they desired.

“Golly sir, that was amazing!” Cozy snuck up behind the man with a few roses now decorating her bouncy curls.

“You're still here?” He spoke in a calm demanding voice.

“Well, you helped me! ~ Heehee, I bet you're looking for a friend!” Cozy giggled with a devious tone that dripped from her lips.

Without warning, Sombra lifted the young girl up by the hood of her jacket. Much like one would do with a stray cat that overstayed her welcome, in one swift motion the man flung the annoyance into the nearby gutter full of gunk and grime.

Cozy landed face-first into the vile debris with a tiny gag. Her eyes burned with thoughts of revenge of the highest order, Sombra walked in silence back to his massive three-story house, a stream of jet black smoke trailed behind him.

“People are so rude! ~ I like it…” Cozy rubbed her little hands together wickedly.

This morning was a shining example of why she hated this world, Chrysalis clutched her scratched fist at her side in silent rage. Scootaloo was returning from God knows what, quick to perform a sharp turn avoiding the hateful woman.

With a loud crash, Scootaloo went flying off the edge of the cement walkway. The child easily spraining her ankle with a loud scream, her scooter tumbled a few feet in front of her with a loud clang of metal.

“I can't feel my ankle!” The girl curled up into a ball in pain, both hands clutched to her foot.

“Hmm, I'd help…” Chrysalis calmly walked ahead a wide grin across her face.

Her hand lifted the scooter off the ground. She swung the light toy far behind a nearby wooden fence, the sound of metal exploding against bark filled the air. “But I've got somewhere to be, dude.” Chrysalis burst into laughter as she vanished down the road, leaving the brat to the mercy of others.

Why should she give a flying buck?

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Ah, Tartarus Street, the most chaotic block of Canterlot City. Lovely place. Wouldn't want to live there myself, but it sounds like an interesting place to visit while in the city every once in a while.

The back and forth between Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy is so much fun, even in the EQ dimension. I'm eager to see them all finally chill, and then Cozy can comfortably be the manipulative little brat like her horse counterpart is with her surrogate parents in the pony dimension.

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