• Published 30th Nov 2019
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Hate Thy Neighbors - Devious Dazzle

Welcome to Tartarus St! ~ Everybody hates each other here.

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Kids Today

The sun never really shined on Tartarus St.

A group of dark grey clouds always hovered in the same place every day as if someone were constantly performing a Voodoo Ritual. They blotted out the golden rays of the sun and cast the world below into a sea of apathetic hatred. One such house coated in the shade of darkness was quite large and in dire disarray of repairs.

Towering over the rest of the neighborhood with multiple floors. The grey painted house seemed like something out of a horror movie with vines growing up the side and the fact that several windows were completely boarded up.

The owner of this behemoth was an adult woman of ill repute. She had earned a reputation around the city of Canterlot as somebody very spiteful and a tad bit mean.

Just a smidge.

“Don't think I didn't see that, you pathetic little bastard!” The front door exploded open in a cloud of dust, a slender dark-skinned woman darted out onto her front porch.

She wore a lime green sleeveless top that showed her complete midriff to all who dared to sneak a peek. Tight black colored jeans clung to her wide hips firmly, as waves of elegant emerald green hair waterfalled down her lower back impressively.

“Huh?” Scootaloo came to a halt on the sidewalk near the creepy house confused.

“You tossed a wrapper on my lawn!!” Large green eyes burned like hot coals towards the child.

Scootaloo zipped up her burgundy hoodie with a sarcastic flick of her wrist. “So!?” The child snorted with an eye roll, violet eyes glanced down to a granola bar wrapper crumpled up on the old withered lawn.

“So!? Pick it UP!!” The woman snapped as she leaned against the railing of her porch.

“I'm late for something dude!” Scootaloo began to dash forward on her scooter.

“I don't care if you're late for The Rapture, you've disrespected my property!” She hissed through clenched teeth in sheer anger.

“Trust me Ms.Chrysalis, people will notice your ugly house before my wrapper!!” The child yelled in reply as she vanished into the distance with a series of loud giggles.

Chrysalis stood there in absolute shock from the exchange. The barefoot woman exhaled in defeat of today's current generation, walking across her lawn to pick up the trash. Her home used to be the pride of the neighborhood once upon a time, yet now she had been relegated to obscurity by a world far colder than her heart.

With a shrug of slender shoulders, Chrysalis kneeled down in silence to snatch up the trash. Suddenly a loud wolf whistle pierced the welcomed quiet of the morning, she could feel both cheeks burn a bright red in embarrassment.

“Nice peach!” Her chauvinistic neighbor Tirek chuckled in delight, he was a mountain of a man that she thought was simply more muscle over brains.

Chrysalis dropped the wrapper to the ground, quickly lifting back to her feet as she planted both hands on her hips sternly. “You're an absolute pig!” She scoffed with an eye roll as the large man stood near his mailbox wearing a black tank top and matching jeans.

“Eesh! It's a compliment, I'm saying you have a nice ass!” Tirek flashed a devilishly superior grin.

“Don't you have weights to lift or something!?” Chrysalis huffed as she spun around to walk away.

“So you've been watching me in my personal gym?” Tirek smirked as he casually looked through a bundle of letters and bills.

“Don't flatter yourself! ~ By gym do you mean that hideous garage!?” Chrysalis turned her head with a smirk of her own.

“The area might be a mess, but the equipment is all state of the art!” He lifted an oversized arm and flexed with a wink, his muscles bulged forward in full display.

“Ew.” She scrunched her nose before continuing towards the house.

Tirek glared with dark-colored eyes. Lowering his arm he tossed the letters behind him lacklusterly, the envelopes showered over his filth covered lawn. “Have you seen that brat Cozy!?” His voice boomed across the street in a dismissive attitude.

Chrysalis sighed gently turning to face her neighbor with those dark glowing eyes. “The brat who was supposed to clean my house?” She replied in a calm collected tone as long locks of hair framed her face.

“Yeah! She was supposed to clear out my yard too!!” Tirek grumbled much like an old grumpy bear would after hibernation.

“Let me guess, she told you her mother was sick?” The woman lifted a slender hand to her head, thin fingers massaged her temples slow.

“How did you know?” He looked quite shocked with a quirked brow.

“Because that's what she told me…” Chrysalis clutched her spare hand into a tight fist.

“When I paid her first.” Tirek narrowed both eyes in a fiery rage.

Without a moment's hesitation he slammed a powerful fist into the wooden pole of his mailbox, the weak structure snapped like a twig as it collapsed to the ground with a loud crash. The feminine sound of giggling wafted across the wind, catching the attention of the grumpy bear.

“What's so funny!?” He snapped towards the dark-skinned woman lifting a bleeding hand towards her covered in splinters.

“Heehee, the world.” Chrysalis placed her hand delicately over her lips, sure to hide her mocking grin away from the annoyed man.

“Kids today huh?” Tirek could feel his rage subside slowly, something about her laughter was oddly calming.

“Yeah, complete little brats.” Chrysalis sighed deeply in a sudden silence her hips slowly arched off to the side.

“See you around Chrys.” He turned his back walking towards his house.

“Tirek!” Chrysalis bit her lower lip with uncertainty.

“Hmm?” He looked back to the woman curiously.

“Come inside, let me patch up that hand.” She waved him over towards her yard in an actual genuine tone.

Tirek lifted his blood-soaked hand in surprise as if just now noticing the injury. He wasn't sure if he should, Chrysalis wasn't exactly the gentle-looking type. Though his eyes locking onto her own for a brief second, he could sense something inside her that she'd dare not share with the world.

She was lonely.

“Sure, I'll be right over.” He chuckled sheepishly.

Chrysalis smiled for a moment heading inside, for just a moment she seemed like a very charming young woman.

Sadly it would not last.