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I'll be back... WITH PONIES

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I will be severely impressed if the author can pull this off.

What's this story a cross-over of?


I am completely confused but intrigued at the same time.

You missed the chance to name this fic "bridlelands"

Not as clever as you'd think as Outer Worlds is more "Fallout in Space" than a Borderlands clone so this fic is "Fallout Equestria in Space" not "Borderlands Equestrian Edition"

i always see gallus as a capitalism person show buying and selling shit would be up his way if he wants that sweet sweet money

I like where this going. Wonder how galluses develops as the story goes forward

The artwork alone deserves a like, I burst out laughing at Luna there, this story definitely has my attention.

btw oh buy if only they know he come from the age before this ffucked up corp stuff.

ya i can say for sure his going to be the middle ground.

while making big money

Not gonna make me spoil anything. :derpytongue2:

But yes, the dark side is strong within those tools.

but ya i can come up with evil tools and way to make money.

like "a paper lincends to wee in the wild for not useing spacer chocie restrooms the fee for not having one is 100$ pre wee!"

If this is suppose to be a serious story, then what's up with that silly picture of Luna in the cover art?

This story, just like the source material it mainly crossovers with, is more of a satire.

Is this story still kicking?

Chapter 3 is actually ready and will be published as soon as the lazy artist finishes the chapter art.

I knew it was an Outer worlds crossover from the look of the title in the picture.

Consider me greatly interested.

A low relief proudly highlights the letters MK2 on the barrel.

Wait! He gets a Mk2 already! That is not fair!

On another note:
So far it's not too bad. There are many things that are similar to the game, and just about as many differences too. It will be interesting to see Gallus' type of character in this environment.
If I could ask a question though, was there a peaceful option with the marauders at the beginning or was the an author's liberty with the story?

"I see," I nod in understanding. "So it was all because he wanted to be the very best baker," I sigh before concluding, "like nopony ever was."

I hate you.
Take my angry like.

Now for the second part of my comment. Nice chapter, you really got the moral dilemmas down from the game. The line between who is right or wrong are very blurred in The Outer Worlds; especially when you don't know everything about the other side.

I've certainly taken a lot of liberties with this story. I figure a lot of readers almost expect it to be a straightforward ponyfication and follow the game's story by the letter. So I'm making it a point to subvert expectations and present exciting twists wherever possible.

Was it Scoota…


Nope, false alarm, doesn't ring a bell.

I facepalmed... so hard here. I even ran my hand down my face for good measure.

Have you played the game?

Ah, that significance of The Element of Loyalty rears up thru Sco-I mean, Queen!

And he's holding my favorite gun!

Wonder why Gallus doesn’t remember Scootaloo.

I love how this story is turning out.

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