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Good Morning, Ponyville! - Twilight Glimmer

Just your typical morning routine...

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A New Day

The sound echoed through Knit Wit's house.


He has searched his entire cottage, high and low, yet he still couldn't locate the source of the sound. He had checked under his sofa, but he only found shiny, circular, golden rocks. He had tried to look out his window, but an invisible wall had stopped him. His search finally led him back to his bedroom, where he noticed a tiny clock vibrating on his nightstand. He stared at it for a little while, trying to figure out why the clock was shaking. At first he thought the clock was cold, so he covered it with a blanket. When it didn't stop shaking, Knit Wit's face lit up as he realized why it was shaking.

The clock was scared.

Knit Wit, filled with sudden determination, heroically searched his room to try and find what was causing his little friend's fright. He took everything out of his room, one thing after another, hoping that the clock's fear would go away. After his room was completely bare, he glanced at the clock. It was still shaking with fear. Knit Wit took his sudden opportunity to be a good friend and began to hug his buddy, hoping that his embrace would help his clock calm down. When it didn't, Knit Wit started to wonder if the clock was scared of him. At long last, he set his clock down on the floor, closed the door, and went back to work trying to figure out where the ringing was coming from. Just then, he heard a loud banging sound coming from his front door. He looked through the peephole and saw a chubby pony with glasses and a long, white beard. Knit Wit gasped as he realized who was standing at his doorstep.

It was Santa Pony bringing presents for Hearth's Warming Eve!

He started to hop up and down from pure joy. "Oh my Celestia! Santa Pony is on my doorstep! This is the greatest day of my whole entire life!" He thought to himself. However, his elation quickly turned to panic when he realized that he wasn't ready for Santa to come yet! He frantically ran to his Decoration Closet and began to sift through his piles of decorations.


"Open up, Knit Wit!" The pony on the other side of the door shouted. "I know you're in there! I can hear you breaking things,as usual!"

Knit Wit looked up. Santa was getting impatient. He found his favorite crayons, and sloppily drew a Hearth's Warming tree. He then ran to his door and threw it open. "Santa Pony!" He shouted. "Am I on the nice list this year?!"

The indigo stallion's eye began to twitch. "How many times do I have to tell you that just because I have a grey beard ad glasses, that doesn't mean I'm Santa Pony?!" He shouted. "Santa is just a dumb urban legend for babies! I don't even think those annoying Cutie Mark Crusaders believe in Santa Pony anymore!"

"Well, if you don't believe in Santa Pony, he won't visit you," Knit Wit said earnestly.

"Will you shut your trap?! I came over here to see what all the ruckus was, and to tell you to get your furniture off my doorstep! You got a bedroom, so use it, dimwit!"

"Actually, my name is Knit Wit. You're thinking of my brother. He lives down north."

"Whatever. Where's that ringing coming from?"

"I'm not sure. Did you want to help me search for it?"

The old stallion grumbled. "Get outta my way," he said as he pushed Knit Wit out of his way and made his way to the bedroom. When he entered the room, he found a tiny red clock vibrating on the ground. He picked it up and shoved it in Knit Wit's face. "This is an alarm clock. When it's time for you to wake up, it starts to ring. It's important to hit the button on the top to make it stop ringing so that you don't inconvenience your neighbors on their day off. Do you understand?"

Knit Wit nodded excitedly. The indigo pony threw the clock onto the ground and stormed out of the house with a heavy scowl on his face. "I swear to Celestia, I'm going to kill him in his sleep one day, he thought.

Knit Wit smiles, content with how his morning had begun. He walked to his kitchen to begin his favorite part of his morning: breakfast. He opened his fridge to find some eggs, milk, fruit, vegetables, bread, toothbrushes, among otthr things one would normally find in a fridge. He picked up some eggs and decided that today's breakfast should be something out of the ordinary. Something different from his everyday routine. At that moment, he nad an epiphany. His breakfast for the day would be deviled eggs. He put them in a pan and went back to his living room. Fortunately, his lucky marker was still sitting on the table. He went back to his kitchen and drew horns and angry faces on the eggs. He was actually a little scared of them himself. He was about to pop them in his mouth before he realized that he was running late for work! He rushed into his shower, where he realized his eyes were dirty and tried to wash them. They started hurting, but he knew there was no time to waste. He brushed his teeth with a comb so he could be sure that he was going to get all of the food out. He then sprayed deodorant all over his body, just to be safe. Knit Wit looked at that pony who followd him around everywhere he went, but looked exactly like him. He smiled, and that other pony smiled too. He gave that strange pony a high five before leaving the bathroom. He put on his 'business pony' hat and opened his door. Knit Wit looked at his furniture and noticed that a lot of it was broken, most likely in a fit of rage. He shrugged and began his commute to work before a nagiging thought crossed his mind.

What exactly was his job?

Author's Note:

10th story!!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the story! Feel free to comment and have a wonderful day! :heart::twilightsmile:

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Comments ( 2 )

After reading this story a thought just crossed my mind;

"Actually, my name is Knit Wit. You're thinking of my brother. He lives down north."

Bruh, North is up you d***a**.

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