• Published 25th Nov 2019
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Cadances New Life - Ravenor

Life is adaptation to new situations and a spell mishap causes a rather bad one for Cadance. It also turn out quite kinky

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He shifted up a bit to look down at her, “I mean that you need more partners than just your poor husband,” he teased her, “You know, like the Princesses of old with a herd of stallions.”

Luna: "I never understood why Celestia had abandoned this particular tradition..."

He blushed and glanced up at her, “Thinking about it, yes. And…” he started before he blushed a bit brighter and shifted slightly against her, “If I’m to be honest, watching you get fucked is kind of hot.”

Shining: "I've got a feeling people might even write stories about it!"

Maybe Cadance will finaly be able to find rest. And Shining a good show!
Good story so far!

This is really good, please continue!

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