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(This story takes place after and before the ending of the Forgotten Friendship)

Sunset Shimmer has changed, thanks to the help of friendship. She had 6 friends who stayed by her side and always been her friends. Even the students from CHS have seen that she's changed. But she suffered the times they turn against her because of thoughts of her old self, including her own friends. So she couldn't take it anymore. But she then meets the way, the truth and the life...Jesus Christ. Sunset Shimmer will experience the presence of God and will journey with Jesus to find true love, peace, hope and salvation. She'll even experience the Old Testament. Will she ever receive forgiveness and the presence of God? Find out on her journey with Jesus and how Worthy is a Lamb,

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 16 )

Jesus was a socialist.

I would give this a like if I could
Actually i would make multiple accounts for the sole purpose of liking this

Is this the real life?

Love this keep up the great work

Did Jesus die for Ponies? Do Ponies have original sin? What if they have a different way of salvation?

This needs more likes.

Why did Eyes Like Sapphire's "Also Liked" take me here? And what even is that cover art? I'm torn between being confused and laughing my ass off.

This has to be a crackfic, right? Right?

There aren't enough Christian stories on this site. Thank you for making a good one. Or at least, one with a good start.

..........wow. Poor Sunny is really losing her mind.
This is really good so far!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Do we honestly need to bring religion into this series?

Great chapter keep up the great work

im for all sort of fanfiction types lets see how ponies and Christian lore like lessons goes I bet it pretty well since Jesus messages are like be nice and kind to one another forgiveness basically by being a good person in character and deeds forgiveness for a new chapter in life is possible
I think if it is done right it be interesting and daring! since everyone seems to go to much in bad Christian types of dramas people forget the good ones in the faith.

...considering this site has fetishes and foal con etc I don't feel religion and faith is not the worst thing seen on this site as longs as it is not forced down my throat ill tolerate it fine enough

Is there a problem w/that?

im trying to figure out if she dealing with PTSD?

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