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New to the fandom and franchise. Also love the Dragon Ball series.


At planet Vegeta's last moments, Kakarot's parents, Bardock and Gina. They sent him off in a pod to planet Earth, but the explosion changed the pod's corse and made Kakarot hit his head, effectively losing all of his memories. He wakes up to see a dark and tall pony by the name of Princess Luna. His adventure is only beginning...

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So because he’s a baby I’m assuming Goku is going to be raised different and will have a different personality right ? Or same personality, not shitting on you just asking.

He'll still have the cheery attitude he has in the show, but smarter and more formal.

This story does have the potential to be something great. Can't wait to see where this goes!

I'm curious but how are you going to handle goku's writing? Are you going to write him as a kid or skip to adult? I don't think his abilities be the same as his earth counterpart so will learn magic? How powerful will he be? As powerful as twilight or will he just be op? Have you watched dragon ball? From the beginning or just seen the broly movie?

I have seen the entirety of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and the new Broly movie. I'm still watching Dragon Ball, I've gotten far but not to wear Krillin dies the first time. I'll be doing a short bit of Goku being a kid, maybe a few chapters but then I'll do a time skip to when he's being a young adult. I have a lot of things planned for this story, so keep an eye out.

Kakarot will have some social skills and more pacifistic tendencies as a result of being raised in Equestria, but he won’t be able to deny or forget his Saiyan heritage. Seeing as Luna’s in charge of the moon, I’m not liking where this is going.

eeyup, big oof.. Also he wasn't given a scouter? would have been rad if Twilight were able to repurposed it to show equestrian numbers XD [like how Bulma did it with Radizt] i get that power levels are BS but it be hilarious

Goku, or Comet in this case, was not given a scouter in either version of him being sent to Earth. The only real diffrence is that acording to DBS Broly, Goku had a set of battle armor insted of being nude when set off unlike in the DBZ Bardock The Father of Goku Special.

Interested to see how this pans out.

I would recommend editing. There are numerous misspelled words and some words need rearanging. For example, you wrote "nob" when meaning a door handle but that spelling means penis, the right spelling is "knob".

Hey man it's okay... everyone has some problems they need to deal with, just take your time and take a breather/break.
After some time it will just click, just enjoy some other stuff in the meantime.

Sadly i can't help you since im not big with Stories and stuff, there are prob some people out there that would be glad to help!

Excellent Chatter 1 I give it 10 out of 11 .
I will give it a huyar number as it goes on

Take your time bro.
If your having problems with ideas for this story.
I'm gesing you have writers black

I'm willing to help you with dragon Ball moon .
I have a tune of ideas for this story

Sorry, but I’ve long given up on this story, but if you wish to work on it I’m fine with it.

Or right are you going to hand over the story me so can work on it

I don’t know how I would hand it over to you though.

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