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It's been a month since the incident with Juniper Montage. Since then, Canterlot has been quiet. No magic flares, no power-crazed maniacs. No overly-competitive principals. No demonic transformations. No Sirens. No secret wars. No alien invasions. Nothing.

Yet, something was amiss. A new student had arrived in Canterlot High, bearing an irregular name; Marc Wayne Kurtzman. With him, mysterious sightings of a being in gold fighting monsters on the internet, and the appearances of fictional heroes.

Yet, there is only one question on Sunset's mind.

Who is he?

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Part 1 but it already has a sequel... and said sequel is on hiatus -.-

Some interesting history there. Hehe. This isn't my first part one...... the original, my very first story, was a failure. So, I decided to reboot it.

Hmm... Reminds me of some of the supernatural action books I've read before. Also, for someone who's supposedly a hoper of far-flung hopes and a dreamer of improbable dreams, you're choice of profile pics is questionable

The quote is from Doctor Who, the pic is from Hazbin Hotel.

:rainbowlaugh: That old english.

Well, I look forward to your weekly updates. Great that you have another chapter up so fast. Though, I think you need to proofread your chapters more, haha.

Not to nitpick, but its Early Modern English. Old English is the stuff Beowulf was written in.

Haha that’s right. Right out of wikipedia, eh? Haha. Read that a week ago too.

But yeah, nice attempt at it, haha.

"The Grineer Invasion," Velvet recalled.

Yes. All of my Yes.

AH. Its a reference to another story in a similar timeline called Rift Between worlds. Of the Bloodlines continuity. My continuity takes place in a universe based off it

He said hoi, Temmie confirm???
(I am so sorry but I had to-)


He isn't mettaton. And mettaton is not a tem. And he is not not a tem

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