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This story is a sequel to The Sword of Harmony

As Princess Twilight Sparkle and her remaining family and friends assume the vacant thrones after the Storm King's attack, she looks back and forward, as an Equestria forever changed begins to heal.

Cover art by jeki@derpibooru.org

Chapters (8)
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Happily surprised to see this saga get another installment!

"Hang in there, Twiley."

It won't be easy, that's for sure. Be it in Canterlot or Ponyville, she's surrounded on all sides by the ghosts of her past.

I look forward to seeing where this goes!

P.S. Happy 50th Story!

I look forward to seeing where you bring this one. I'm always pleasantly surprised when you continue storylines that originally had a satisfying ending, and expand on them even more, and this one is no exception. :twilightsmile:

Uh oh...I think I've heard of Glitter Drops. Isn't she one of Tempest's original friends who joined arctic explorers or something?

"If this path is truly one she is committed to, then she'll walk it alone." Twilight responded, nodding to her pair of drivers, who immediately broke into a gallop and ascended to the late afternoon sky, heading northwest back towards Ponyville.

I realize that Twilight is justifiably angry but she is not being very Princess of Friendshippy right now.
*Yes this sentence is confusing.*

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This is just as bad as "First".

Please be constructive, or go elsewhere.

Fair enough, I’ve only seen it done once, Thanks for explaining why it is bad.

Her heart is one that is starting to harden to the world around her: her family, her friends, and even her only Son were all taken away from her by the Storm Kings' invasion well long before the ravages of time and Alicorn immortality ever could get the chance to do it, and it all happened in the scope of a single day...

Chances of her being alive..


You misplaced the decimal point by...a few digits.

What is Twilight implying? Does she have a plan to revive her?

"Fus!" The ancient tongue produced a shockwave that expanded outward from her lips and impacted with all sides of the cavern, as well as rushing forward, pushing the ball towards the entrance, stopping the filly in her tracks and nearly knocking her off her hooves.

Is that a Skyrim reference I see?? :yay:

OH BULL QUAAK! I still hate Tempest sh made her choice and it was to burn every pony. Yet she get some form of rest.

Come on Twilight make Sunset an Alicorn and ask her to stay in Equestria

That would be cruel.


I was afraid of this.

No promises at this point. This entire premise started as a oneshot.

What did you expect when you added Cozy Glow into the mix? :trixieshiftright:

I was foolishly hoping that readers would go off with their own conclusions about Season 8 and 9 content with this context. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to.

Eh, you foreshadowed a known villain as your closing. It's only natural folks would assume that means "To Be Continued!"

I mean, Season 9's overall arc is already nullified because the transfer of power has already taken place.

Come on, Miles, you end with the villain foreshadowing and think readers won't ask for more? Tsk tsk. :rainbowlaugh:

The story was told very well. Great job. :twilightsmile:

Seems odd she's so regretful for killing the killer of her closest friends and little brother and the princesses. :rainbowhuh:

I wanted to convey mixed emotions inside her; she relished Tempest laying terrified in front of her after everything she had done, but at the same time, delivering the death blow to a defenseless opponent asking for mercy is not the type of leader she wants to be.

I doubt that Cozys' attitude in this timeline is the same as in the prime timeline. Remember that she said she came from Manehattan, one of the cities that suffered considerably from The Storm Kings Invasion aside from Canterlot with a heavy loss of life. Considering the situation she would direct her feelings away from stealing magic because Jim Miller, to instead focus on exacting her anger and rage on the Satyrs for the deaths of her friends and neighbors.

as much as I would like a sequel I think this is a perfect time to pack the future into the dreaded Mystery Box and ship it out to the masses. Story is done. :twilightsmile:

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