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This story is a sequel to An Apple in Bloom

Emily is on record as the one who became Equestria Girls Scootaloo. Here's another...

30th Story overall on my FIMFiction Account!!! :yay: :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug:

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Two in one day!

Heh, one less than my three in one day record back in Late September :ajsmug:

Or 3 TFs in one story.


What would you think the last spammer did? :/

9952333 i wondered if it was, lyk, advertising sunglasses or sumthing, which is what spammers usually do. or if it was more fimfiction centred like criticisin ur story.

Well case in point, it was of the Trixie obesity again :/

What if a spammer spammed about spam?
Monty Python!

Lol, this was cute. :scootangel:

Heh X3

Also it's my 30th Story X3

This was put in the "Monsters" and "Inanimate" categories in the Transformations group, but Scootaloo is neither a monster nor an inanimate object.

Also, it has the "Sex" tag, but there is no sex in this story.


Also, it has the "Sex" tag, but there is no sex in this story.

-sigh- must I keep saying it? The reason why for that tag is because, when my first story was submitted under the E rating, it was rejected because it had a missing tag. Nowadays since then (with the exception of one), my stories are submitted under the T rating to fill in that missing tag :/

And besides, despite the sex tag, it's just me changing genders :/

Fimfiction should not mandate inaccurate tags :)

Funny seeing you here.

That was an error on my part. Sorry.

No worries! As someone who analyzes Fimfiction data, I am a stickler for accurate categorization. :twilightsmile:

Feel free to remove it from there.

I can't, I'm not an admin of the group :)

Mistakes are FOREVER

The least we can do it learn from them.

Is transforming your fetish?

Indeed of all things?

It's not really a fetish, just a fascination for him.

My god. That's another one. :rainbowlaugh:

Not gonna lie, but I kinda am disturbed that some of your TF's never lead you back to being TF'd back to normal. No offense.

9953136 that's kind of a weird description? all these stories, they're not really examining it, like a fascination. more just doing the same thing over and over, with just a few details. more like porn for fetish?

I see. Well, it's kinda hard to describe. Posaibly best the man himself explains it to you.

I don't understand.

The purpose that I do for these transformations is to give some much needed love and support to the characters that the show never got any love for of throughout it's 9 year run :P

Examples being: Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara (after Season 5 of the Show), Sapphire Shores (she last physically appeared back in Season 4), Cherry Jubilee (last time that she spoke was also back in Season 5), and of course.... me showing love to the Background Characters which includes: Cayenne, Moonlight Raven, Sunshine Smile, Citrus Blush, North Point, Lily Love, and Watermelody

Plus for some Female Characters: I set firsts for them for being able to get the first ever Male to Female Transformations for them X3

Jimmy once again found himself in a park, with large numbers of people just out enjoying themselves in the sun, and children playing wherever you looked. Oh I wish that every day was-

Not yet...:fluttershyouch:.

Not yet. It's only November, and the snow was yet to arrive and fall all around Jimmy or anybody else for that matter. The air was cold, mind, and everywhere you looked people were wrapped up in coats and scarves, trying to keep warm in the cold and enjoying the day. Although it indeed was cold, the day was bright, as the clouds were gone and the lucky old sun was beaming down from on high, not having his hat on and able to see clearly all that was going on. Clearly Celestia was in a good mood over today, and so the sun sat high and proud, for the moon to replace it later. But not yet. As today was a sunny day, and that sun would stay for a while now.

Ah the sunny days~:twilightsmile:.

Where was I? Ah, yes. Jimmy was in the park, with large numbers of people just out enjoying themselves in the sun, and children playing wherever you looked. It made such a wondrous sight to see, so many people together in spite of all the weird and wacky things that happened in Manteo, such as fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and a certain fellow with a list of alternate identities and alter egos too numerous to list here (go see Meadowbrook if you really want a full list). So, anyways, Jimmy was out in the park and walked over to the seafront, seeing the water ahead of him stretching out into infinity like wondrous, endless, eternal wave of blue and occasional blobs of white as waves crashed over the shore and in the distance as ships navigated the boundless depths of the sea.

Lots of disasters huh:applejackconfused:?

Jimmy had certainly had many adventures at sea, as three seaponies and a mermaid could testify to. He thought back to them, but recently odder things had happened. Not only had his affliction changed to include characters from other properties (namely Disney), he sometimes had several in rapid succession, leading him to endless levels of confusion on many levels. Constantly changing back and forth was taking its toll on him, and the time he had had gone through eight in eight days was exhausting to say the least. Thank heavens he hadn't changed into Disney Princesses there, or else he (or should I say she) would have been repeatedly escorted out of the park for violating the costume rule. Or worse, confused with an actual Cast Member! That would never do.

Wow, one transformation a week:applejackconfused:.

Jimmy relaxed for a few more minutes, and then paused as he heard the familiar sound of his stomach growling. It was clear what it wanted; food. So, he got up out of the bench and headed off the waterfront to get something to eat. It was lined with many cafes, after all, all of which offered superb deals on food and drink. Somehow, today, a Panini and a coffee seemed to be in order to combat the cold. As he strolled along the streets of the town (or city) he called his home, his attention was suddenly drawn to an object lying in the snow. As a child up ahead vanished into the distance on a scooter, a helmet was clearly visible lying in the snow. It was purple with two white lines running down the center of the front plate, where the forehead was protected against bumps and scrapes, and looked to be made for a child. A female child, for that matter.


Jimmy picked it up, and called after the kid. "I think you've forgotten something!" he called to him. But the child didn't respond, presumably being too far away to hear Jimmy's words (or the words of Jimmy, if you want to be archaic). Suddenly, the straps on the helmet, previously done up, opened, and the helmet lunged out of his hand. It flew through the air and landed on Jimmy's head, and the straps flew down and closed around his head with an audible click. Jimmy pulled on the strap to no avail. It was jammed in place.

Aaaaaand there we go:twilightsheepish:.

"Why does this keep happening?" he asked, as he staggered into an alleyway, knowing what was coming next. His shirt turned turquoise and his coat shrank in size, the hood shrinking back and the zip opening up a little. The entire garment turned black, and the ends of the sleeves (the cuffs, if you will) turned turquoise. Following that, his pants started shrinking up his leg and changed to green from their previous grey. These shorts became covered in pockets, and were seemingly held in their place by green threads or ties. Next, his shoes morphed into boots, and grew up his legs to his knees, having become high tops.

Because it is your duty, and the clothes come first:pinkiecrazy:.

The hairband was now in his hair. And not only that, his hair had changed color, from its usual brown to a vaguely candyfloss color of pink and purple. Not only that, it was growing longer before his very eyes!

“What the?” was all he said, before he stopped in fear. His voice was getting higher in pitch, now sounding almost squeaky. “What’s happening to me?”

Then the hair, and the eyes, then the voice:raritywink:!

His eyes suddenly changed color, from blue to green, followed by his skin that went a pale white, almost the color of snow. He also gained purple eyebrows to complement the hair.

Wait a second. The green eyes, the hair, the squeaky voice...squeaky...

Suddenly, Jimmy’s fear was replaced with elation. “I'm turning into Sweetie Belle!” he cried, in the high-pitched tone that characterized the young crusader.

Called it:yay:!!!

"Where'd it go?" he asked, confused, as he had no clue where the bow had vanished to. He then felt a pulse from nowhere, and his stomach began to suddenly cramp up like the worst stomach ache ever, almost the intensity that would cause him to throw up. "This matches what Tom was describing!" In the mirror opposite him, he caught the briefest of glimpses of a pink object behind him. The bow was now in his hair, and as he glanced down, his shirt turned green, but otherwise did not change, apart from the sleeves puffing up slightly.


"Could this be the same bow Tom ran into?" Jimmy asked, as his jeans began to pull back up his leg. They stopped just above his knees, and then the bottoms rolled upwards to look as if they had been worn by somebody who had been working hard for most of the day. His socks changed not, but just as suddenly his shoes covered over with a solid plate, like a boot, and the tops of the shoes began to grow up his legs, stopping halfway up his calves. They turned orange, and two buckles appeared, one on each boot, on the inside of the boot facing one another. A brown belt with a gold buckle appeared around his waist.

It could be:applejackunsure:.

"Looks like there'll be two Apple Blooms now," Jimmy sighed, as he felt hair brush down his back and into his fringe.

Oh goodness...:twilightoops:.

"The Crusaders, of course." His skin turned to orange, and then his eyes turned to purple from their normal blue. He had no clue what had happened to his hair, it being covered by the helmet, and his shoulders were sucked inwards as he gained very small breasts. His hips were pulled inwards as his manhood vanished, and her entire body shrank in height, her feet contracting as they did so. To finish up the transformation, the bones in her face popped, cracked, and shifted from an adult male to that of a pre-teen female. This of course had her glasses slip off of her and crashed to the ground. With that, her transformation was now done and the straps on her helmet stopped being so tight now, which meant she could take it off now.

First the skin, then the best, and the hopes, then the gender, and the helmet:raritywink:.

Jimmy pulled the helmet off, and looked in the café window to see the spitting image of Scootaloo looking back. She noticed that her hair, which was once its usual messiness and colored brown, was now instead a purple color and done exactly in the same style of Scootaloo's hair. "How am I supposed to eat now?" she asked, frustrated.


Yeah but why do you make it a tg tf? Isn't there like , idk....a better way to do it? Like making a slice of life fics and why not?

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