• Published 20th Nov 2019
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A mother's wish - Redhairsaiyan

Princess cadence finds an injured human child alone in the woods and decides to take him in

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New day new problems...

Cadence flew through the night as she would be arriving in canterlot soon.

But she couldn’t stop thinking about the events that had happened not even 40 minutes ago.

She looked down at the child in her hooves and smiled as she saw him sleeping soundly between her hooves as she held him closer to her chest.

‘I hope he’s warm enough, though if he was cold he would be shivering again...’ she thought as she held him a little tighter.

'Best not to risk it. I don't want him to get sick..'

She continued her flight on to canterlot in silence.

Though eventually she makes it back to canterlot as she flies above the city she mostly stays out of sight to avoid attracting attention to herself and the child in her hooves.

She flew toward the castle as she thought about how to get back into her room without anyone seeing her or the child.

'Wasn't there a baloney connected to it..?'

She flew around the castle a couple of times before she spotted the baloney and softy landed on it,

Her horn lit up as she took hold of the child's small frame and stood up as she gently floated him onto her back where she covered him with her wings to keep him warm.

satisfied with this she trotted into the room.

As she walked into the room she saw the form of Shining Armor on the floor still where he passed out earlier as she trotted by without a moment's pause sighing as she did so.

She headed toward the bedroom that her and Shining were meant to share and silently opened the door as she entered it, closing it behind her with a silent click as she locked it.

She went over to the bed as she gently unwrapped her wings from around the child as she activated her horn once more and floated him off her back and gently laid him on the bed and gently wrapped the blankets around the child.

She watched the child slumber as his chest rose and fell with each breath

She silently watched him as her thoughts went from what he was and where he came from to who his parents were and why they had left him all alone in the middle of the woods?

The more she thought about it the more questions arose as she was left with many still unanswered..

She sighed as she pushed these thoughts aside and chose to focus on the here and now.

Currently she was left with this child of an unknown species and she was unsure how to proceed.⁷ would take the child to her aunt and figure out how to proceed from there…

With that out of the way she went around to the other side of the bed as she carefully got into it and got under the covers herself and tried to get some sleep.

After a couple of minutes she heard whimpering as she looked over at the small child next to her and saw the child curled up into a ball as he whimpered.

Cadence sat up and pulled him against her and wrapped her wings and hooves around him.

"Shhh shhh shhh… you're okay… I'm here… shhh…"

She held him close to her as she slowly rubbed his back as she slowly rocked back and forth as she consoled him.

After a time his frightful murmurs died away and he fell into a peaceful slumber.

Cadence smiled and gently laid back down still holding the child against her chest as she kept her wings wrapped around him.

She used her magic to pull the covers back over them as she held him against her chest.

She looked down at the child between her hooves and gently nuzzled his forehead.

Cadence closes her eyes as she falls into a restful sleep… something she had not had in a long time..


Cadence stirs as her eyes flutter open.

She yawned as she looked around and spotted the child silently sleeping between her hooves.

She stared at him as the events of the night before came flooding back to her.

She smiled at the child as she gently rubbed the back of his head with her hoof.

She watched as the child stirred as his eyes opened as he looked confused before he looked up at her.

She smiles at him "good morning little one. Did you sleep well..?"

He stares at Cadence as he slowly looks down and nods.

Cadence looked at him as her smile changed to a slight frown "...is something bothering you?"

He doesn't respond as he keeps looking down.

Cadence gently put her hoof under his chin and lifted his head up to look at her.

"Hey.. you can tell me what's wrong, I won't be mad I promise."

He looked at her as she could see the sadness in his eyes.

He looked like he wanted to say something but couldn't muster up the courage to do so.

Cadence sighs as she let his chin go and pat his head. "Its okay… you don't have to tell me if you don't want to… but I'm here if you do want to talk.."

He nodded looking guilty but still not saying a word.

Cadence let him get up as he did so silently as he looked around the room in wonder.

Cadence smiled at this as she to sat on the edge on the other side of the bed.

She then remembered Shining was still passed out on the floor in the next room and got up off the bed and silently trotted over to the door.

She got to the door and as quietly as she could she unlocked it and peeked out into the room.

She looked at where Shining was the night before and sure enough he was still out cold on the floor..

'What do I do about this..? I don't want the little one to see this… I can't wake him up either because then he would start another argument with me and I definitely don't want him to see or hear that…'

She turned around and closed the door behind her as she looked at the little child sitting on the edge of the bed staring at her.

She facehooved when she realized that she hadn't even asked for his name nor does he know hers. " I'm so sorry it's only occurred to me now that you and I don't even know each others names.."

She trotted over to the bed and stood in front of him as she looked down at him.

"My name is Mi Amore Cadenza. But to keep it simple just call me Cadence."

She looked at the child.

"And what is your name little one..?"

He looked down at his feet as he hung his head.

Cadence was concerned by this reaction as she looked at him and frowned.

"Do you not have one..?"

He nodded his head as he looked up at her.

"Yes what? Yes you have a name?"

He nodded again.

"Okay what is it then..?"

He looked at her and she saw the fear in his eyes as well as sadness as he looked at her.

"...can you tell me your name..?"

He shook his head no.

"Why not?"

He just stares at her silently as she sighed

"Little one… I just want to help you but I can't help if i don't know what the problem is…"

The child looked conflicted as he opened his mouth but closes it as he gains a fearful look on his face.

Cadence sees this and wonders why he looked so scared when he tried to talk when it clicked.

"Are you scared to talk?"

He nods.

"Is there a reason why your afraid to talk?"

He nodded again.

"Does it have something to do with your name?"

He shook his head

"Then what is it? Why are you so afraid to talk?" She asked a little aggressively as the situation was getting aggravating but soon after regretted it.

He flinched as he looked at her with fear in his eyes.

She pulled him into a hug as she comforted him.

"Oh no no no I'm sorry I didn't mean it, I'm not angry at you I'm upset with the situation I promise I'm not mad at you… please don't be afraid..."

the child nodded as she held him against her as she rubbed his back with her hoof soothingly.

After a little while she let him go as she looked at him.

"Alright… I don’t know why your afraid of talking but I promise you that nothing will hurt you if you do… I won't let anything happen to you okay?"

He looked at her before eventually he nodded as she heard him speak for the first time since she found him.


She gently smiled at him as she put her hoof on his shoulder and rubbed it. "That's a wonderful name, Leon." She smiled as she said it "it is nice to meet you Leon."

"Y-you too m-miss Cadence.."

She smiled at him as she nuzzled him

"You don't have to call me miss Leon just Cadence is fine."

He nodded as he looked down.

Cadence then heard a groan from outside the room as her eyes widened as she looked at leon.

Cadence quickly picked up leon with her front hooves and quickly flew over to the nearby closet as she threw open the door as quietly as she could and got inside with leon as she landed on the ground and shut the door silently as the door to the bedroom opened.

Cadence held leon against her chest as she wrapped her wings around him and peered through the small opening in the closet door as she saw Shining Armor stumble through the room and onto the bed.

He got under the covers as Cadence kept Leon pressed against her as much as she could as she could feel his breathing starting to speed up and began to panic.

"Shhh… shhhh…" she comforted him.

She looked down at him to see he was looking back up at her with fear in his eyes not understanding what was going on.

She lowered her head down and nuzzled him as she whispered reassuring words into his hair.

She kept comforting him as she heard snoring and looked out the small opening once more to see Shining Armor had fallen back to sleep.

Cadence's horn lit up as she picked Leon up with her magic and stood as put him on her back.

She turned her head back to look at him "Leon I want you to hold onto me and to be very quiet okay..?" She whispered to him

He quietly nodded as he wrapped his arms around her neck and held onto her.

Cadence smiled but it faded as she sighed and muttered "okay… here we go.."

Cadence quietly opened the door as she very carefully snuck out of the closet her eyes locked onto Shining Armor's sleeping form.

She silently crept across the floor as she made it to the still open door as she trotted out and back into the main room

Cadence closed the door behind her as quietly as she could as it shut with a soft click.

Cadence let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding as she looked back to Leon.

"Okay.. were safe for now. . It's okay to talk though do so quietly okay..?" He nodded.

"And if he comes out of that room I want you to stay behind me got it?" He nodded again.

Cadence smiled as she picked him up with her magic off her back and pulled him into a hug as she nuzzled him on the forehead.

"Good… now there's someone I want you to meet, but I'm not sure how to get to her without anyone seeing you…"

He nodded as he looked up at her.

Cadence sighed as she realized that getting him to talk some more might be a little harder than she thought.

Her thoughts then drifted to how to get leon to celestia… she can't take leon with her and she won't leave leon here by himself with Shining in the next room… unless…

Cadence flew over to a nearby chair and sat him down on it "stay here leon I'll be back in just a moment." She turned around and headed into the bedroom again as quietly as she could and snuck back over to the closet and opened the door as silently as she could and looked inside.

She smiled as she saw a stack of blankets as she took a blanket with her magic from the stack and closed the door again as she quickly made her way back out the door shutting it with a soft click.

She then trotted back over to leon with the blanket still in her magical grasp.

He looked at her curiously.

She noticed this and smiled "I've got an idea, the idea is that I will have you on my back under this blanket so that no one will see you."

He nodded.

Cadence then lays down on the floor and looks at him "climb on Leon."

He started to make his way towards her, but after a few steps he began to stumble and pitch forward. Cadence seeing this quickly adjusted herself so that he landed softly on her back.

She looked back at him worriedly "Leon are you okay?"

He nodded but she could clearly see the look of pain on his face.

She activated her magic as she took hold of him and gently floated him to the in front of her as she sat up and reached out with her front hooves and grabbed him as she cradled him to her chest

Not finding anything she sighs deciding to get him to a doctor soon to have a check up...

She activated her magic as she picked him up and put him on her back gently as she stood up and looked back at him "are you comfortable? Are you in any pain?"

"I-I'm o-okay…" he responded quietly

"Are you sure?"

He nods as he holds onto her.

She sighs as she uses her magic to put the blanket over Leon hiding him from sight.

"Okay… but if you feel any discomfort or pain let me know okay?"

"Y-yes ma'am…" he says quietly

She sighs "Leon dear you don't have to call me ma'am just Cadence is fine…"

She didn't get a response but she didn't need one as she knew he heard her so she just proceeded to the door as she quietly opened it and shut it behind her as she trotted down the hall.


Celestia was currently reading over important documents as she also did paperwork that needed to be signed.

She had been at this for hours to be ready for the meeting between the nations that was to happen in 4 hours as she sighed and put the papers down on her desk as she stretched as she heard some of her bones crack after sitting for so long.

'I need a break… I wonder what Luna and cadence are up to?'

She ponders this as she hears a knock at the door.

She turned her head to the door "come in."

The door opens as she sees Cadence's head peek in from behind the door "Auntie… I'm sorry if I'm intruding.."

"No no it's alright Cadence your not intruding in anything… was there something you needed..?"

Cadence steps into the room and shuts the door behind her as celestia saw a blanket covering most of Cadence's back.

Celestia getting a look at cadence began to chuckle and with mirth in her eyes and said, "I was not aware that blankets were the latest trend in fashion."

Cadence looked at celestia strangely before she chuckles and shakes her head as she looked at celestia “yes of course it’s all the rage these days.”

They both chuckle “but in all seriousness auntie I have something I need to show you.”

Celestia raised an eyebrow "and that would be..?"

Cadence's horn lit up as the blanket lifted up as she saw a human child on her back

"Cadence… where did you find a human child?" she asked surprised

Cadence looked at her aunt "is that what he is..? A human?"

Said human child was staring at celestia in wonder

She smiled at this as she got up out of her chair and trots over to her "Yes… though my question is how did he get here..?"

She stops as she stands next to cadence and looks down at the child as he looked up at her. "Hello there little one, I am Princess Celestia. May I ask what your name is?"

He looked up at her and as he did for some reason he felt… calm.

"L-Leon..." he mumbled

“im sorry little one I didn’t catch that… what did you say?”

In a louder voice he says “L-Leon..”

Celestia smiles and gently nuzzles his cheek "That is a lovely name Leon.”

Leon blushed and says nothing

Celestia and Cadence shared a look and Cadence sighs

"He's… not much of a talker auntie… I'm still working on it…"

Celestia nods as she pats leon on the head "that's quite alright Cadence, do you know where he came from?"

"No I don't I found him in the woods last night while I was… cooling off from an argument I had earlier with Shining."

Celestia sighs as she had heard about the constant arguments from Cadence in the letters she wrote to her.

Celestia had hoped things would get better between the two but it would seem that things have only gotten worse.

"I see…" celestia trailed off

An awkward silence prevailed as neither of them knew what to say.

"What should I do with him?"

"I don’t know auntie… we've just drifted so far apart I-" celestia cut her off

"I was talking about Leon dear."

"Oh… right… I was thinking that I would focus on helping him find his parents.” leon winced but it went unnoticed by the two.

“And if you don’t find them what will you do then?”

Cadence thought about it “I… don’t know.”

Author's Note:

Next time on dragon bal-


oh shit wrong story!!

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You'll just have to wait and see! ^^

What if shiny cheats on Cadence

Good, but some errors here and there... also, why is most of your text in Italics? (I would just keep the inner thoughts Italics)

could be possible but you're going to have to wait and see ^^

It's just how I wanted to write it.

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because 1.

I really don't like him for some reason

And 2.

It'll make sense for plot later you'll see

That and I really don't like shining armor for some reason.

It's funny because I love the voice actor who plays as him as he played as a character in a movie that I watched when I was a kid but I don't like the character he's playing now. XD

Your writing is confusing, not the story. When it's >this< kind of writing, it usually use for flash back, thinking, or to passively a sorten thing.

Also, frage Shining Armor.

Sorry if that's a little confusing I wrote it like that because I wanted to and I'm too lazy to go back and change it

And what do you mean question shining armor?

was that a typo and you meant to say rage shining armor?

or is that germen?

Sorry, I'm saying frag, which replace the word with the f.

That's okay and yeah I want to frag him to

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