• Published 20th Nov 2019
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A mother's wish - Redhairsaiyan

Princess cadence finds an injured human child alone in the woods and decides to take him in

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Wishes do come true.

Author's Note:

Do let me know if you think the pacing was a little too fast.

I might go back and edit this chapter to make it longer if I can think of anything else to add.

Princess Cadence walked alone along the path in the whitetail woods with only her thoughts to keep her company…

Those specific thoughts have been something she had been haunted by for some time.. ever since she had babysat twilight sparkle years ago…

She had wanted to have a child of her own… a child to take care of and love with all her heart…

But that was just a wish… a wish that she knew would never come true…

It's not like she hasn't tried, it's just that she could never seem to win whenever she did try… believe it when she says she tried… she really did.

But there was one huge and painful problem…

She could never have children… she was infertile… she found out after the fifth or sixth time she and Shining Armor tried… they went to the doctors to find out what was wrong… and the news devastated her..

After that nothing was the same… Shining started drifting from her… he just sort of… shut down after they learned the news…

He was mostly silent these days whenever they see each other or sit down to eat dinner… they don't even sleep in the same bed anymore!

Shining just stopped coming home at night… and sometimes when he did come home… he was drunk and then Shining and her got into loud long arguments…

They almost always ended with her either crying after he walked away or her stomping off angrily as he passes out on the floor… this happened to be one of the latter…

She usually calms down around now after an hour or two walking by herself though afterwards her mind would always drift to the subject that was currently her problem right now…

And before you say it… yes she has tried the adoption route… but that never worked for one reason...

Shining Armor, That big fat stupid meanie head...

It was that whenever she had the ponies around from the adoption agencies Shining would come staggering through the door reeking of alcohol and thanks to his... antics... this lead to them deeming us unfit parents.

Honestly with him around I don't blame them... I don't understand why he is behaving this way... we used to be so happy together... what happened..?

Eventually she just stopped trying and started focusing on getting a devorice… but she never got approved to see an agency for that either… in fact… she never once got a response from them… which made her realize eventually that Shining must have had something to do with it… and she couldn't go herself as she was to busy with her royal duties to take time off and visit these agencies herself..

Cadence sighed sadly as she held her head low to the ground… letting her tears fall as she kept on trotting along her path…

As she was trotting along the path tears still flowing down her eyes she heard what sounded like… crying?

She stopped as she swiveled her ears around… trying to locate the source of the sound.

Her ears stopped swiveling when she located the sound behind her… she slowly turned around and found that where she was hearing this sound was from in the woods.

Curious she started in that direction quietly and cautiously…

After a couple of minutes of silently creeping toward the noise she pushed away some bushes in her path a bit as she peaked through the hole she made in the Bush and silently gasped at what she saw.

There laying against a tree was a strange bipedal creature… and he (from what she could tell from the voice.) Was crying…

The creature sounded young… very young from what she could tell… perhaps around 5 or 6…

As she looked closer at the creature she realized that it was hurt… she saw blood running down its arms and… claws? and its hind legs as it was wearing what looked like shorts and a navy blue t-shirt with what looked like some weird shoes on his feet…

She looked up at his head and seen that he had brown hair that covered his eyes from the angle she was looking at him from

She felt her heart breaking as she saw him shivering as she heard his sorrowful cries.

She hadn't realized she had been moving towards the creature until she was about 2 feet away from him as she stepped on a twing.

It made a loud snap as the creature tensed and looked up at her as they both made eye contact…

Cadence and the creature stared at each other in tense silence waiting for each other to make a move…

His brown eyes gazed into her own purple ones

Cadence held her hoof up to move closer as the creature looked like he was about to bolt..

Cadence quietly spoke in a soft voice

"Hey hey... it's okay… I'm not going to hurt you…"

The creature looked at her as he heard her voice… and looked to calm down a bit… but still looked ready to run at a moments notice.

Cadence crouched down as to not look threatening with her height difference as she slowly made her way over to the creature.

Said creature kept his eyes on her as she got closer… still ready to run at a moment's notice.

Cadence got to him as she sat down in front of him as she looked him over and could see more injuries on him then she had first seen… his forehead was bleeding and had a black eye as well as numerous bruises and scratches all over his body…

Cadence felt her eyes water as she looked upon this poor creature "who did this to you..?"

He said nothing as he looked up at her with fear and wonder in his eyes…

Cadence looked at him. "Can you speak..?"

He nods.

"You can..?"

He nodded again.

"...would it be okay if I heard you speak..?"

He shook his head no hesitantly

Cadence looked at him for a second before nodding slowly "alright… I won't force you if you don't want too… but can I see your arms..?"

He stared at her

She realized what he meant and quickly explained. "Your hurt… I was asking if I could see your arms to help with your wounds… it won't hurt I promise.."

He then reluctantly slowly held his arm out to her… as she saw the bruises and the bloody scratches on his arms she has also seen a few scars on his arms as well..

Cadence felt her blood boil as she felt anger building up… ‘who would hurt a creature as precious and fragile as this…?’ but she kept her anger inside as she gave him a gentle smile as she took his arm in her hooves as she looked up at him

“I’m going to make you feel better okay..? Don’t worry… It won’t hurt I promise…”

He nodded as her horn lit up in a warm light blue as his arms also started to glow the same way as her horn as he started to freak out

“Hey shhh shhh… it’s alright.. It’s okay…” she says soothingly.

He looked up at her and she gave him a small smile as she gently rubbed his now healed arm.

“See..? all better..” he looked at his arm and seen that all the bruises and scratches were now gone..

Cadence gently smiles at him as she sees the childish curiosity on his face as he looked his arm all over.

This confirmed to her that he was indeed a child…

She felt something she hadn’t felt in a long time… hope.

She broke out of her thoughts as she looked back at him and seen him looking up at her curiously.

“Oh sorry… spaced off there… here let me see your other arm please?”

He nodded slowly as he gave her his other arm as she repeated what she had done the first time… soon he was looking much better as she had spent the next 30 minutes healing what she could…

‘That will do until I can get him to a doctor to get a check up.’ she thought as she looked at the child in front of her.

A gust of wind blew through the area as she watched as he shivered again.

She then gently pulled him against her as she unfurled her wings and wrapped them around him as she pressed his head against her chest..

He tried to push away from her but she kept him against her.

“Hey hey,,, its okay… shhhh..” she started to gently rub his back as she started to comfort him
Eventually he stopped fighting her as he felt her soft and warm fur as his shivering slowed down.

He then wrapped his arms around her as she nuzzled his forehead as she started to hum.

His eyes started to droop as he fought to not fall asleep but eventually he lost as he drifted off to sleep in her warm embrace.

She smiled as she saw he had fallen asleep as she gently picked him up and cradled him in her hooves.

She kept him against her chest as she thought to herself ‘ill take good care of you…’ and smiled as she gently nuzzled his forehead once more.

She then looked up into the night sky as she now realized how late it was…

“Oh dear… I best get back to the castle… auntie won’t be too happy with me if i’m late to that meeting tomorrow…” she looked down at the child between her hooves “but what do I do with you..?” she pondered out loud “I can’t and won’t leave you here… but I can’t let anyone see you… I don’t know what they would do to you… what do I do..?”

She eventually decided to just go back and tell her aunt in the morning… and hope she wouldn’t freak out…

So with that she started to flap her wings as she took to the air… still cradling the child close to her chest as she flew back in the direction of canterlot...

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