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Twilight star

I like to write stories about the shippings: Twilight x Luna, Twilight x Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity / Rarity x Nightmare Moon, Rarity x Luna and Twilight x Chrysalis.


After Twilight read about an artifact she had in Everfree Forest, she decided to invite Celestia and Luna to join her. Both agree to go. When they find the artifact, Twilight intends to use him to study about it. But when she trips and lets the artifact fall to the ground. Two entities that owned the artifact are released, resulting in Celestia and Luna becoming Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon, but they're merged. Now, it's up to Twilight to untangle the two and find a way for Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker to be Luna and Celestia again.

The teenage tag is for the romance that will have in the last chapter.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 5 )
Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted November 20th

The grammar was good and the concept was interesting, but I feel you need some spice to the dialogue. Find an editor.

I agree that the story has problems, but try to be polite.

The trouble is that these problems exist in every story the author has done. To some degree. Some are worse than others I admit.

I haven't read the story yet but why do I get King Ghidorah vibes from this story

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