• Published 20th Nov 2019
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Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker Fusion - Twilight star

Twilight, Luna and Celestia will take a walk in Everfree Forest together to find an artifact in the forest. But when the artifact falls to the ground, the artifact shatters and drives all three to the worst, or rather, Luna and Celestia to the worst.

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It’s been a few days, Luna managed to undo the spell that the moon has the same energy as the sun, but Luna was still sad to have turned Nightmare Moon a second time. Celestia explained to her that Luna wasn’t to blame. But it was no use. Luna was very sad about that and felt guilty for what she did. Although she would rather keep everything to herself, she learned from Celestia the hard way that you shouldn’t hide your feelings. So she needed to talk to somepony that she trusted besides her sister to talk to her about it. She intended to talk to her marefriend. Yes. She had a marefriend.

Since she started spending more time after being defeated as Nightmare Moon, she wanted to have a close friendship with Twilight friends or Twilight Sparkle itself. She enjoyed spending time with each of Twilight Sparkle’s friends and even with Twilight. But for a strange reason, Luna couldn’t smile and say, “This mare is my best friend”. She already saw Twilight with her friend, but the fact that Twilight was loyal to Celestia made her a little sad, so she wanted to get a second friend. Luna first spent time with Applejack, but the mare spent most of her time on the farm and it made her bored, so she decided to warn Applejack that she would leave the farm, although Applejack was a little sad, she accepted.

Then she went to see Fluttershy, who was very kind to her, but the animals ran away from Luna because they remembered of Nightmare Moon, Fluttershy assured the animals that Luna wasn’t Nightmare Moon, Luna was happy that Fluttershy could talk to the animals. She already considered Fluttershy her friend because the pegasus was sympathetic to others.

So she went to Sugarcube Corner to see if Pinkie Pie was, and she was. They spent the afternoon making Cupcakes. But while they ate, Pinkie Pie wouldn’t stop talking, and that left Luna with a headache, but she already considered Pinkie Pie her friend.

After that, she went looking for Rainbow Dash which was a little hard to find, but when they met, they raced in the sky. Luna never had so much fun, after other hours of practicing sky tricks, Luna loved to fly along with Rainbow Dash, she intended to spend other days with Rainbow Dash.

Now all that remained was to see Rarity, who to her surprise was the horse she had the most fun spending time with. Rarity even made a dress for Luna as a gift. Luna accepted. So after that day, Rarity and Luna spent a lot of time together. And then one night, Rarity was drawing stars in their sketchbook for her next dress. Luna couldn’t have been happy that Rarity liked to draw stars. Luna even asked Rarity if the white unicorn enjoyed her night. To Luna’s surprise and happiness, Rarity said yes. And that made her happy because no pony admired her night other than Twilight Sparkle. And after months, Luna began to develop feelings for Rarity, and she confessed that she loved Rarity. But Luna was more surprised that Rarity had also developed feelings for Luna. And then, they gave their first kiss.

Well, back to the present, Luna was now going to Boutique Carrousel to see her marefriend who was Rarity. When she arrived at Rarity’s house, Luna knocked on the door and waited for Rarity. She heard footsteps and the door opened, “Welcome to Boutique Carrousel… Luna?” said Rarity, now glad to see her marefriend.

“Hi, love”, greeted Luna with a smile.

Rarity hugged Luna while her eyes were closed and a toothy grin. Luna hugged her back with a smile to see her marefriend. But her smile soon fell when she realized what had just happened to her, “darling? It’s all right?”

Luna looked at Rarity, still sad, “no, love”

“What bothers you, dear?” wanted to know Rarity.

“I… I… I has turned into Nightmare Moon a few days ago”, replied Luna, now fighting not to cry.

Rarity was surprised, “what? What do you mean, darling?”

“Me, my sister and Twilight went to Everfree Forest to find an artifact, but when Celestia and I went back to Canterlot, Twilight dropped the artifact and then the two entities living in the artifact went to me and my sister and me. I turned Nightmare Moon and Celestia Daybreaker. But my sisters and I were merged”, replied Luna, now almost crying.

“Darling, don’t you think we’d better talk about this in inside of my house?” asked Rarity.

“Yes. You’re right”, Luna entered the house, Rarity closed the door and went to Luna.

“Now you can keep telling me what bothers you best”, said Rarity.

“Ok, love. After that, Twilight drove us to her castle and then she went to the library to look for the artifact,” cried Luna. “You have no idea, love. I intended to bring eternal night pshe third time! I should be punished”

Rarity put a hoof on Luna’s chest, “calm down, darling. You were not to blame. It was that damn artifact and the entity’s fault”

“I know, Rarity. But… But… ” Luna tried to say something, but her sadness was greater. Suddenly she felt herself being hugged by hooves.

“Please don’t blame yourself for something you couldn’t control, darling”, begged Rarity.

“Sorry, Rarity. But is that when I returned from the moon, I tried again to cause eternal night, I had already been forgiven. But I has turned into Nightmare Moon again and I don’t know if they will forgive me and I don’t even know if you will forgive me”, explained Luna, now sad.

“Darling, please stop blaming yourself. I’ve already forgiven you”, said Rarity.

“But did you forgive me when I turned to Nightmare Moon for the third time?” asked Luna, now with tears in her eyes.

“I wasn’t there to witness, but of course I forgave you, dear. I know you weren’t to blame”, said Rarity with a smile.

Luna looked a little safer and happier, “thank you, love,” but her smile soon fell. “Will the other ponies forgive me?”

“I’m sure, darling”, replied Rarity with a smile, before wiping the tears that were in Luna’s eyes. “Would you like to spend the rest of the day at the Spa with me to relax?”

“Of course, love”, answered Luna, now happy.

“Come on, dear”, Rarity started walking toward the door, but had been stopped by Luna who was looking at Rarity with a smile before closing her eyes and kissing Rarity. Rarity blushed.

When the kiss ended, Luna looked at Rarity with a smile, “Are we going to the Spa, love?”

“Wait, dear. Let me recover from this moment”, said Rarity.

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Comments ( 5 )
Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted Nov 20th, 2019

The grammar was good and the concept was interesting, but I feel you need some spice to the dialogue. Find an editor.

I agree that the story has problems, but try to be polite.

The trouble is that these problems exist in every story the author has done. To some degree. Some are worse than others I admit.

I haven't read the story yet but why do I get King Ghidorah vibes from this story

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