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Wanderer D

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A short 'Fallout: Equestria' Fan Fiction.

Gestalt Trace, trying to follow the steps of some of the Wasteland's heroes, left her home in Tenpony Tower to try and do the right thing... and ended up in a lot of trouble. Knowing she won't survive, and wanting others to hear her tale, she fixes a sound recorder...

Warning: Ponies cursing!

Chapters (1)
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Holy hay. I've been avoiding the FoE stories for a while now, but I must say, this is freaking brilliant. Well done, Wanderer D.

Wanderer D

74148 Thanks dude! ^_^

I only read Fallout sidefics that are done by good authors.

To bad I read this one huh? :derpytongue2:
Joking. Your a good author, and if you ever decided to actually make a full legnth Fallout Fanfic, I would read it the whole way through.

#4 · Jan 9th, 2012 · · ·

Hey man, nice work. I look forward to anything that comes out of your hooves in the future.

Fantastic story, I loved the Audio log idea and what a twist at the ending. Bravo I say Bravo! :raritystarry:

This is really, really, really good! I'm a sucker for Fallout Equestria, but beyond that I think what made this fic work for me was the Pegasus. You have a very believable pony who isn't really a soldier in the way others are. He's one of those good ponies- LilPip would've liked him, I think.

I like that you were able to establish a character for him that was both real and moving through only a handful of lines. I mean, if you look at the numbers, about a sixth of what he said was "..." or some form of "Ugh". You did good, putting in his mouth just what he needed to say.

Wanderer D

178009 :twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed the story and that you were able to empathize with our pegasus friend! :raritystarry: Thank you for your kind words!

140295 :twilightblush: The audio log was a risk that I am glad to say was worth taking! :twilightsmile:

119825 :raritystarry:

77888 :trollestia: Well then you'll be glad to know that I'm writing another FoE one-shot! :twilightsheepish: it's a bit... intense though.

180304 I can read anything! :rainbowdetermined2:

The text is completely devoid of emotion. Which is a good thing, since the story actually focuses on Mr. Vault hearing his daughter's recording.
But you could do more to describe their moods through their voices on the recording a bit. It would also help the readers in not getting lost during a long exchange of dialogs (I lost myself 2 times, to be frank).

Medical detailist drive: ONLINE.
Since she was saved on the same day she met the colt, we're hearing a 1 day old recording, right? That means it's impossible to know if she is pregnant or not. "She might feel that she is." You may say, but that is pure speculation. :raritywink:

Some might say that that it was impossible for him to have an erection since his spine was shattered (another point which is left somewhat unclear).
But I assure you that it is possible for a human/pony to have an erection AND orgasm with a broken spine (via peripheral stimulation).
Medical detailist drive: OFFLINE.

Overall? This is a very good story in the Fo:E universe. I'll add it to my One-Shot group under the 'sad/tragedy' category.

Wanderer D

203232 There's always room for improvement, that is true :pinkiehappy:

They found out she was pregnant the only way they can... :twilightsmile: MAGIC! :twilightoops::facehoof:

:raritystarry: Glad you liked the story!

241110 Ah... magic. Always answers everything, doesn't it? :rainbowlaugh:
You inspired me to write my chapter about war. It's not in the Fo:E universe, but still.
(I say my chapter because my story focuses on several one-shots)
It is yet unpublished but... would you like to give it a read when I do post it? :pinkiehappy:

Wanderer D

241137 Sure! Let me know when you do!

I'm not too familiar with the F:E, so I'm not too sure about what exactly is going on, but I still enjoyed this very much, well done! (Definitely looking forward to Sweetie Chronicles Bright Eyes now!)

If I get a nickel every time you are awesome, I would like you to visit me on the 23rd floor of my brooksville mansion, at the receptionists desk, right next to the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, and indoor basketball court, aight?

This is the first fallout equestria fic I have read and it is brilliantly written in my opinion. You deserve that favorite and watch.

Wanderer D, making great FOE stories now too. :twilightsmile:

I guess the pegusus in a way went the way he wanted to, saving sompony. I vant more!!!!

FO:E 1 shots by Wanderer D

Just re-read this and it still makes me a bit sad. :fluttercry: Anyway, good writing:rainbowlaugh:

Also wondered why it wasn't in my favs and not upvoted :rainbowderp:

Holy shit...

That was incredible.

Loved how you made a tale straight through dialogue. Damn effective, too.

~Skeeter The Lurker



One word: brilliance.

Well, you do make quite interesting stories.

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