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Pinkie and Cheese's daughter, Li'l Cheese couldn't be more ecstatic, she had finally received her cutie mark! Of course, being born into a family of super duper party ponies, this calls for some sort of celebration. However, things don't always go according to plan.

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Good story, but I thought Li'l Cheese was a colt. I could be mistaken.

Other than that, it's well-written and a good read!

One creator said colt, colt with lashes lol.

Another said it was whatever you wanted to be, that they were told to create a cute child pony for Pinkie's child and that's exactly what they did.

I prefer it being whatever the person wants it to be, though I think most think as lil cheese as a colt.

Okay. I thought so. I was basing my knowledge on tweets of the staff lol. The last episode really leaves a lot to the viewer to decide. Thanks!

(looks at picture, then at tags and synopsis)...I think you might want to change the cover art.

Yeah I agree, It was what I had at the time and it was better than nothing (Not used to having cover

This was written before Li'l Cheese's gender was announced. But because I knew about Li'l Cheese since August, and the designers using Pinkie's exact childhood model for Li'l Cheese, I'm just sticking with a girl.
But thanks for the input!

Dang it, I know what’s coming.

Its very weird the way he looks like a girl. What were the animators thinking with that design?

Tbh I think that Jim wasn't there to supervise Li'l Cheese's design and the animators were only told that it was Pinkie and Cheese's child. So I believe that different people who worked on it had different ideas on Li'l Cheese's gender

For a story I'm writing, I plan to have him be teased for looking like a girl at some point then Luster Dawn defends him.


Don't worry! I'm working on it! Just trying to get through finals rn :)

Oh okay...
Good luck on your finals😁😁😁

No problem πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Knew this was going to happen and it still kicked me in the gut.

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