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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside.


Scootaloo races Formula One on Earth. How do you even drive a race car with hooves?

Inspired in equal parts by conversations with Raleigh, Viking ZX, Cereal-Killer, Mitch H, and TCC56 on the Discord, and by Admiral Biscuit's not-a-contest for Ponies with day jobs on Earth.

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Something I find interesting about F1 is just how safe it seems to be. The combination of car, track, and barrier design means that drivers can simply walk away out of 100 mph crashes.

Remember when Giovinazzi span round at Belgium and rear ended a barrier at about 100 mph. Or last year during free practice at Italy when Leclerc’s DRS failed to close at the end of the main straight, and he went flying end over end, yet was ready to race the same weekend. That was huge, and he was fine.

Of course it’s not perfectly safe, as Hubert’s death this year showed, rest in peace. Crashing at 100-200mph is always dangerous, but it’s incredible how few people die considering what they do.

It really is highly engineered.

I forget who it was, but one of them lost their brakes at Monaco last race and took out the car in front of them. I put Wind Sprint into that car.

I liked this. It jumps strait into a ridiculous premise and has fun with it instead of bogging it down with explanations. Also, does this take place after the timeskip?


I picture about 6-10 years after the main series, and some years before the final episode. I'm picturing Scoots and Rumble around age 20 and Wind Sprint maybe 18, but who knows?

Well this was a neat lil story.

Have my upvote. :pinkiesmile:

Ponies and race cars, what's not to like?

Scootaloo would make an excellent race car driver.

Now this, I wish there was more of this, this peaks my interest.

A Spellcheck at the end there on "Smallest" - Smeallest.

This was a really entertaining pieces. I love the integration of ponies and humans rather than going EQG on it. And the pace is really nice. You cover a lot of information in a short time and let my imagination do the rest. Really lovely victory for Scootaloo, as humble as Hamilton presents as one of the role models of the sport..

"Actually, Hammond, you ask the question. They're your size."

That is such a Jeremy Clarkson thing to say.

VikingZX suggested that line while I was brainstorming at the fimfic Discord, so credit to him!

I'm probably overthinking this but, sounds like Scootaloo is in Ricciardo's seat (fitting that the wild child would have the honey badger's spot), Wind Sprint in Leclerc's (said brake failure incident), and Rumble...Either Perez or Stroll (both punching way above their weight at Azerbaijan).

Either way, here's hoping you make this some kind of series. This one was a most enjoyable read.

Exactly! Yes!

I put her in #3 because three Crusaders, that would be her lucky number.

Short but good! Reminds me of the old Days when Schumacher was still Racing. And when the Legend (can't Remember his Name at the Moment) was still alive.

Hooves, Carton Logic and Magic. I mean, they're often shown grabbing things with hooves like we do.

And poor Wind Sprint, hope she gets well soon. Good Thing it wasn't worse. Pretty Sure clear Sky will be relieved her Daughter isn't seriously wounded. And that She might scold quibble.

Pony and F1 together. I love it. Here an upvote.

2 Mercedes engines blowing in a race and a Renault challenging for 1st? Now I know this is fantasy!:rainbowlaugh: I thought I was the only brony here with a passion for F1 as well! Excellent story! I could practically see the race going on in my head:yay:

Many thanks! I appreciate it.

I live in NASCAR land. :rainbowhuh: it's nice to talk proper racing.

F1 is the best in my opinion! I myself am a Haas fan, being American and all that, so this has 100% been a season to forget with their VF-19. I'm also interested in seeing how the new 2021 regulations affect the racing. Hopefully it won't be like this season where half the races ended in Mercedes 1-2:rainbowlaugh: I'd like to see more than the same three teams challenging for a podium

Get in there Scootaloo!

Magnificent. Not exactly my area of expertise, but I can always appreciate good things happening to Scootaloo. Thank you for it.

Thank you! I appreciate it.

How do you even drive a race car with hooves?

With great skill!

I agree. Figuring that out isn't exactly Speedway Math.

You can drive without using your fingers, and some folks drive without arms. Not in races, but the general idea isn't that hard, so long as you can get sufficient traction against the steering wheel without gripping it with fingers.
The difficult part would be that ponies are generally not bipedal. Hitting the pedals would be hard when you've got your legs bunched up under you.

And minotaurs would be terrible at Sumo. With that huge, inverted pyramid torso and iddy-biddy waist/butt, their center of gravity is way, way too high.

You know, I always figured Rainbow would be a F1 driver in the human world. But this works, too. And she beat Hamilton! In a Renault! ...But does that mean she took Ricciardo's seat...? :(

I, for one, would love more of this.

Big balls
-James Hunt

You would have problem in race cars, though, with so many crucial functions run from buttons on the steering wheel. If you ever seen the cockpit of a serious racecar the wheel's got more things to press than a fighter joystick.

pee wan Scootaloo, pee wan

AFAIK, Formula 1 never really took off here in the USA, the closest is stock car races.


There are F1 fans here in the US, but not many of us. NASCAR annoys the crap out of me....

Fair is fair, AFAIK Indy car racing never took off in Europe

"They're accelerating into the checkered flag and it's—photo finish!"

Am I the only one who thought the winner was:
i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/333/144/322.png :rainbowlaugh:

A wonderful light-hearted Scootaloo fic. I will now call her "Miss Aloo," much to her annoyance. :facehoof:

They probably should have their own league.

Though it would probably be quite niche - I can't see many pegasi finding being trapped in a small box that can only move on land fun.

Top Gear humans-in-Equestria crossover

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are sent by Top Gear to Equestria. Having no interest in gasoline, and thus no gas stations, the trio are forced to buy electric cars on a budget. Each is also given a partner, such as a pegasus or unicorn, who can use their abilities to help recharge their batteries. The teams then have to drive their cars from Canterlot to Klugetown, facing certain challenges along the way. That is when they're not trying to sabotage each other.

We also get to meet... The Stig's Equestrian Counterpart!


She blushed and waved a hoof. "No way, Lewis Hamilton is the best that ever was. It's inconceivable that a rookie could win Monaco!"

Heheheh. Let the comment wars begin...

Grand Tour/ MLP crossover would be epically hilarious. If you don't write it, author, I just might!
"This is Equestria; the most beautiful, the most colorful, and the most cute place... (...pause for dramatic effect...)... in the universe!"

"Actually, Hammond, you ask the question. They're your size."

I got some funny looks from the rest of the restaurant when I burst out laughing here.

I wonder who was commentating that race
Also Scootaloo with Riccardo's number. Nice!

AWW!!!! You beat to making the first story with ponies driving F1 cars, damn you!

Anyway, I'm actually quite happy to find this story. Here's a link to mine: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/463236/f1-equestria-duels-of-the-century

Scootaloo shrugged her wings. "No human complained when we brought five thousand pegasus volunteers through the portal to break up that hurricane before it could grind Florida off the map. Rumble and Wind Sprint were both up there. I worked radios aboard the hurricane chaser airplane, since I can't fly."

This is really sweet. In fanfics where Equestria comes into contact with other worlds, it seems that all too often, the authors only focus on the negatives.

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