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In Minos, the number 12 holds a special place in Minosian culture; from being a lucky number, to representing various historic facts, twelve is a special number and those that turn 12 in Minos are graced with a special celebration on their twelfth birthday, broken into two celebratory rituals.

The first part of the celebration involves the actual party. A time where family, friends, and relatives get together, have a good time, and honor the Successor to the Coming of Age.

The second part is the rite of adolescence, the Lesson or Challenge conjured up by the relatives of the family that allows the Successor to learn something of what it means to take that first step into adulthood. A lesson or experience that can be told and discussed with one's friends, classmates, and acquaintances to pass on a valuable lesson. Teaching about responsibility, consequence of one's actions, or in some cases, history.

Initially was rated E, moved up to T for innuendo and suggestive content.

An experimental entry in the Lateverse

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